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Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery, has become a specialty unto itself. While most women will never require Breast Augmentation Revision, a large minority will. The exact number is difficult to pin down; however, studies have indicated that in the ten years after breast augmentation, as many as 25%, will undergo a second breast augmentation related surgery.

Elective Breast Implant Revision Surgery

Many times there is no complication, and the primary motivation for breast augmentation revision surgery is to change the size of the implants. Perhaps the most common breast implant revision surgery is to replace breast implants with a larger pair. This is the reason I place so much emphasis on defining the goal size for breast augmentation before surgery. Even so, minds and goals can change with time.

Non-Elective Breast Implant Revision Surgery

Other times Breast Implant Revision Surgery is less volitional, and may be due to gravity (requiring a breast lift), breast implant failure (breast implant deflation or breast implant rupture) or capsular contracture (tightening of the nature scar that surrounds the implant causing movement or firmness of the breast implants).

Breast Augmentation Revision Video

Other videos on this subject have been posted on the San Francisco Plastic Surgery Blog and they can be viewed here (see bottom of article for links) or on my YouTube channel. When you are watching this video, please note, the 800 number on the video was for the live show, to contact my office for additional information or to schedule a private consultation appointment, call (925) 943-6353.

Breast Implant Revision Video

On this episode of KRON’s Body Beautiful you can learn:

Breast Implant Revision Consultations

Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery requires a careful analysis of the existing problem, a thoughtful discussion about the good (and bad) aspects of all available treatments, the ability to adapt the plan to any new findings found during surgery, and a careful recovery, to speed you return to daily life. The first step is a private consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. To schedule a private consultation in my San Francisco bay Area Plastic Surgery Clinic call (925) 943-6353 today.

Breast Implant Revision Video Links

Breast Implant Revision – Part 1

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Breast Implant Revision – Part 4

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