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Breast Augmentation is currently the most frequently performed cosmetic plastic surgery procedure. Whether you are considering breast enhancement, or already have breast implants, this video discusses the most frequent reasons why corrective surgery is needed.

Breast augmentation revision surgery is sometimes necessary even in the best of hands. Revision surgery can range from simple, like changing breast implants after deflation or changing sizes, to more complicated, like when treating breast ptosis (sagging) or capsular contracture. The best way to reduce your risk of needing breast revision surgery is to choose a qualified Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

If you need breast revision surgery, choosing a well trained Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with a broad experience in breast enhancement surgery is the best way to get a satisfying result. By choosing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes on cosmetic surgery, you get a doctor who is well trained and well rehearsed in a wide range of treatment options.

Breast implant revision in San Francisco is no different than in other areas of the United States. Sometimes the results of the breast augmentation where just not what was expected. Other times, the result were great and either the breasts change, the implants change or the desires change. When these situations arise, breast augmentation revision surgery could be your best option to get back into the shape you want.

This is part one of two from an episode of KRON 4’s Body Beautiful with Vicki Liviakis that aired last month. This video discusses breast augmentation revision surgery. Part two will include more discussion, before and after pictures and viewer questions.

The best way to be certain your plastic surgeon is appropriately trained to perform breast augmentation surgery is to make sure that he or she is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. By choosing a Plastic Surgeon who is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), you can be certain that their credentials have been verified. ASPS members are held to higher standards in ethical care of patients and continuing medical education requirements. ASPS standards are above and beyond those required by State licensing boards and hospital credentialing committees.

A small percentage of ASPS members are also members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). ASAPS members are ASPS members who specialize in the cosmetic side of Plastic Surgery. ASAPS members must meet the standards of ASPS, apply independently for membership to ASAPS and demonstrate a commitment to cosmetic plastic surgery both in education and in patient care.

ASPS is the largest plastic surgery specialty organization in the world. Founded in 1931, the society is composed of board-certified plastic surgeons who perform cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. ASAPS is the leading organization of board-certified plastic surgeons specializing in cosmetic surgery of the face and body, and I am proud to be an active member of both.

Next time I will talk more about the reasons for breast augmentation revision surgery and how a qualified Plastic Surgeon can help.

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