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This is the fourth and final installment of my recent KRON4 Body Beautiful television appearance reviewing the latest techniques in Liposuction. Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, and there is on going research to make it even better.

With the advent of wet techniques, like tumescent liposuction, the safety and predictability of liposuction took a giant step forward. This innovation alone is what has made liposuction an accepted cosmetic plastic surgery procedure, that is applicable to a wide range of patients. Now matter how good it is now, plastic surgeons and patients both would like to make it even better.

The next leap forward may be the ability to skin the skin. Many patients have enough elasticity in their skin to allow for excellent post-operative results, but when the skin is loose, other surgeries are more effective and provide superior results. Many treatments have been tried, but none are effective enough for widespread use. Technology such as laser liposuction, smart lipo, ultrasonic liposuction, vaser liposuction, radiofrequency liposuction, cold or cryoliposuction, power liposuction have all been tried with varied success. None have had overwhelming success however. Is the magic wand of skin tightening out there?

Liposuction Video for San Francisco’s KRON Body Beautiful

What is the latest technology available for liposuction, and does it provide you the benefits promised? This segment reviews the current art of liposuction on KRON‘s Body Beautiful with host Vicki Liviakis. The show a half hour long, so I have divided this liposuction video review into four segments. The third lipo video segment is in this post. Links to the other three parts, and the liposuction introduction post can be found below.

Additional liposuction information is available on the Liposuction Page of Your questions about liposuction will be answered if you to use the contact form to the left. Without an in person consultation, I can only offer generalized answers. Specific answers regarding liposuction are best answered in person.

For more liposuction information, liposuction price ranges or to schedule a personal professional consultation appointment, please call my Walnut Creek Plastic Surgery office at (925) 943-6353. Please do not call the 800 number in the video below. It is only used for viewer questions during the live broadcast.

This Liposuction Video covers:

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