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In this segment from KRON’s Body Beautiful, I talk about ways to get safe and predictable Liposuction. Are the latest technologies the best? Some are more controversial than others. There is still something very beneficial about seeing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon before choosing any treatment.

Nothing Beats An In Person Consultation

With a consultation, I can provide you with a list of treatment options, and match the most appropriate treatment with your goals. More importantly, I can get to know you and what the problem is. I can provide much more targeted treatments, after I know where we are starting, what your perceptions are, and where you would like to be after we are done. For a personalized, and private, consultation appointment call (925) 943-6353 today.

How Many Type Of Liposuction Are There?

Liposuction currently comes in many flavors. Whenever there are multiple solutions, either there are multiple problems, or no one solution is clearly superior. Most liposuction problems are consistent, but there are a few instances that need special treatment to get the desired goals. My patients come to me, because I have years of training and experience. While I try to share this information via the SanFranciscoPlasticSurgeryBlog, you can’t get all the information necessary from reading articles.

As my patient, you need to know, and trust, that I will use the smallest hammer it takes to get the job done. For disproportionate fat pockets, most the time, tumescent liposuction is going to get the job done; however, it is not the only option. I like to keep up with all the latest technology, so in the cases where the technology has something to offer, I can choose it as the best treatment. For the situations when liposuction is not going to be enough, I can offer you more, discuss the options, and take it up a notch when necessary. This is the advantage you get, when you see someone fully trained and dedicated to all aspects of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.

Liposuction Video for San Francisco’s KRON Body Beautiful

What is the latest technology available for liposuction, and does it provide you with the promised benefits? This segment reviews the current art of liposuction on KRON‘s Body Beautiful with host Vicki Liviakis. The show a half hour long, so I have divided this liposuction video review into four segments. The third lipo video segment is in this post. Links to the other three parts, and the liposuction introduction post can be found below.

Additional liposuction information is available on the Liposuction Page of Your questions about liposuction will be answered if you to use the contact form to the left. Without an in person consultation, I can only offer generalized answers. Specific answers regarding liposuction are best answered in person.

Liposculpture Video

For more liposuction information, liposuction price ranges or to schedule a personal professional consultation appointment, please call my Walnut Creek Plastic Surgery office at (925) 943-6353. Please do not call the 800 number in the video below. It is only used for viewer questions during the live broadcast.

FAQs Answered in this Liposuction Video

This video includes viewer phone calls and more information about liposuction. Walnut Creek plastic surgeon, Joseph A. Mele, MD, FACS, answers these questions and more:

Viewer phone call:

Rochelle from Berkeley, had gastric bypass weight loss surgery one year ago. She has questions about how to treat the skin on her arms and inner thighs. Liposuction may help if the skin if tight and some disproportionate fat remains, but if the skin is loose, other procedures may be more appropriate.

More information including:

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