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Lip Augmentation takes on many shapes. If the red color of the lips (the vermillion) is with barely visible, adding volume may not be enough. If the vermilion is short, over filling may lead to increased projection without adequately increasing the height of the vermillion. This can result in “duck lips” or a “trout pout”, rather than fuller more Voluptuous Lips.

What Is Lip Advancement Surgery?

Lip Advancement Surgery can help. This is not the most mainstream lip enhancement, but in carefully selected patients it is the best option. Originally designed to improve the function and appearance of the lips after removing lip cancer, it preferentially enlarges the red part of the lip (the vermillion). The upside, Lip Advancement Surgery will reveal more vermillion and can be done with or without increasing lip volume. The down side, it leaves a scar along the border of the skin and the vermillion of the lip.

Lip Advancement Surgery Before And After Pictures

Here is an example of an average scar at 4 months after surgery. The volume is stable at this point in time, and the scar will continue to improve, it is hard to see already. Most patients can cover the scar one week after surgery with lipstick.

Lips before lip advancement with reduced height.

Lips after lip advancement with full restored height.

Lips before lip advancement with lip skin projecting farther forwards than the vermillion.

Lips before lip advancement with lip vermillion now projecting farthest forwards.

If you have very Thin Lips, that are barely visible when the lips are at rest, Lip Advancement Surgery may be the answer to how to achieve fuller lips. If Dermal Fillers increase lip projection forward, but are not revealing more vermillion, lip advancement may help. Lip Advancement Surgery is the most direct and effective method of increasing the amount of red lip that shows.

Available Lip Enhancement Options

Several alternative methods are available for enhancing your lips. To learn more click on the links below:

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