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Nothing says youth like full lips. Research shows that full lips are a requirement for a youthful face. Grace Gold of AOL’s StyleList reports in The Pursuit of Beauty: The Secret to Youth: Full Lips. Her inspiration? An article in the DailyMail.

Thin is Not Always In

It is an unfortunate truth that as we age, our lips shrink. Whether conscious or unconscious, the size of the lips is one of the most important variables programmed into our brains’ youth calculator. In other words, thin lips are aging. There are several ways to turn back the clock on lip aging, and Dermal Fillers are currently the most popular treatment.

Off the shelf dermal fillers, are safe, effective and convenient. These lip fillers are supplied as prefilled, single use syringes. Any volume can be used, and a simple block with local anesthesia, makes the procedure an in office option. All three of these products have received FDA approval for new formulations with Lidocaine in the mix to ease the injections.

What Makes Lip Fillers so Popular?

Lips before enhancement with a Dermal Filler (Restylane®, Juvederm® and Perlane® are the most popular in the US)

Lips after enhancement with a Dermal Filler. Notice the augmentation and preservation of the normal curves.

The advantage of this type of Lip Enhancement is its simplicity. I can choose different products for different lips. Lip enhancement can be performed in the office, with local anesthesia if needed, and the results are quickly apparent. There is sometimes mild discomfort, swelling, and bruising, which normally resolve quickly. While the enhancement is instant, it is best to have a few days for the lip augmentation to settle before an important event.

Dermal Fillers provide two main benefits for the lips: increased volume, and wrinkle reduction. Lip enhancement is performed for small, thin lips, to increase volume. In this situation, the main goal is to increase the size of the lips. Lip enhancement can also be used to smooth the wrinkles that can form around the lip. Sometimes called Smoker’s Lines, they can occur without smoking. Often radially aligned, the wrinkles that form around lip edges can cause the lipstick to bleed. For lip wrinkles, the primary goal of lip enhancement is to attenuate the aged appearance. Both volume enhancement and wrinkle reduction may be desired for the same pair of lips, and these techniques can be easily combined for optimal results.

The longevity of the results can vary. Most results last 3-6 months, and many patients experience longer satisfaction. It is the perfect product to try out larger lips. The volume can be gradually increased to your comfort, and maintained.

But, what if you are looking for a longer lasting result? The are several surgical alternatives for enhancing lips. While no results are permanent, surgery can give longer lasting, natural results.

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