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Maybe you noticed. got a Facelift. This is the fourth complete rewrite of the site, and version 4.0 contains all the latest features to enhance your desktop, tablet and mobile experience. v4.0 Released v4.0 Released – Desktop Version pictured above.

Responsive Plastic Surgery

The new site is fully responsive. Just like I adapt the latest techniques to each individual patient, the web site morphs to fit your screen. No matter how large or how small, the pages are created to give the most information, with the best possible layout.

Mobile Friendly's  mobile friendly version has bigger icons and larger text.’s mobile friendly version has bigger icons and larger text.

The 800 pound gorilla known as Google has decreed that sites, which are not mobile friendly, will begin to lose ranking. According to Search Engine Watch, Google currently holds a 67.6% market share of the world’s searches.

For mobile searches, Google is even more dominant with an 83.3% market share. Google defines mobile friendly, by objective criteria like the size of the fonts used and the separation between buttons. So, now adapts to the size of your screen automatically.

Content is King

The organic links are ranked by how well they fit the search criteria. While Mobile Friendly may help presentation, the information presented is what makes the a site useful. The main reason has enjoyed success in the organic links is its content. Certainly, a website cannot substitute for an in-person consultation with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon; however, a website with updated, accurate information can help supplement your decision making process, by providing a framework and some direction.

Plastic Surgery by Body Area

The site is organized into body regions, so if you are looking for face, breast, body or skin enhancement, your choices are just a click away.

More Before and After Pictures's new Before and After gallery is organized by body region.’s new Before and After gallery is organized by body region.

Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures can give you an idea of what is possible. More photos have been added to the Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture Gallery. The new galleries are HTML5 compatible. They are designed to reduce the need for plugins, and the potential security problem that come with them. While pictures are helpful, they need to be framed with the guidance of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Individual results depend on the individual.

More Plastic Surgery Videos

The number and scope of Plastic Surgery Videos has also been expanded. There are videos that discuss each procedure, and these are augmented with television appearances that go over many more specific details of today’s plastic surgery. The videos and before and after pictures have been distributed to each procedure’s page, and the videos also collected on the Plastic Surgery Video Page.

San Francisco Bay Area Plastic Surgery

The San Francisco Bay Area is in known for its tech. I am proud to bring you Bay Area’s Newest Hi-Tech Plastic Surgery Web Site. Whether it’s the design of a new website, or the practice of Plastic Surgery, the drive for improvement is continuous. If you are considering plastic surgery in the San Francisco Bay Area, give me a call at (925) 943-6353 or write the office via the contact form in the margin.

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