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Breast Augmentation remains one of the most popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. While often the procedure lasts a lifetime, breast augmentation revision is quite common. Breast Implant Revision has emerged as a specialty unto itself. While many of the tenants that lead to excellent Breast Augmentation results will also apply to Breast Augmentation Revision, new and specific techniques have evolved for the correction of the common problems that can occur with Breast Implants.

The most frequent reasons for Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery include the desire to change the size of the breast, breast implant deflation, problems with the position of the breast implants and tightening of the scar that normally forms around the breast. The last listed is called capsular contracture.

San Francisco Bay Area Breast Augmentation

What follows is a Breast Implant Revision Video segment from KRON4’s live Medical Monday show, Body Beautiful. The television broadcast allows viewers to call in and have their questions answered live. The (415) number shown in the video was only for the show, so if you have Breast Augmentation or Breast Implant Revision questions, please call our San Francisco Bay Area Plastic Surgery office directly at (925) 943-6353, or use the contact form on the left.

San Francisco Bay Area Breast Augmentation & Breast Implant Revision Video

San Francisco Bay Area Breast Implant Questions

This Breast Augmentation, Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery video includes:

Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants Revision Resources

You are viewing one of four Breast Implants Revision Video segments from Dr. Mele’s recent Body Beautiful television appearance. Here are links to the additional segments:

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