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Like most Plastic Surgeons, I like to operate. Plastic Surgery is a versatile tool. It can restore function after injury or disease, and it can improve form for even the normal body. But just because I have a hammer, I don’t think the whole world is a nail.

Plastic surgery is extremely personal, and I depend on you to help me know what the best course of treatment will be. Sometimes plastic surgery is the best answer, and sometimes less is more appropriate.

Many plastic surgeons use Botox and Restylane in their practices. While non-surgical, these products are complementary to what we Plastic Surgeons do. For example:

Forehead Wrinkles and Frown Lines

Relaxing the frown lines and forehead wrinkles has always been a part of the Brow Lift procedure. If you have droopy eyebrows that are pushing skin onto your upper eyelids, deep wrinkles running across your forehead, or vertical lines between the eyebrows that make you look angry (frown lines), a brown lift might be for you. On the other hand, if you have the frown lines the forehead wrinkles, but the eyebrows and eyelids are fine, Botox, Dysport and Xeomin, may provide you with an equally attractive result.

Lower Face Wrinkles

Lower facial wrinkles include the Naso-Labial Folds (NLF’s), Marionette Lines (ML’s), lip lines and other wrinkles found on the lower face. These areas can be treated with a Facelift, when coexisting with lower facial skin laxity, but when found in isolation, a face lift is more than what is needed. Dermal fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane and Radiesse can pinpoint the treatment to exactly where it is needed, without the downtime associated with surgery.

Naso-Labial Folds (NLF’s)

The Naso-Labial Folds are the lines that extend from the sides of the nose down to the lips. They are the result of muscle attachments to the skin, and are deepened when we smile. The more firmly the muscle is attached, the deeper the resulting fold. Filling the NLF’s with Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane or Radiesse can reduce the appearance of folds without affecting the ability to smile. Unlike botox, dermal fillers do not inhibit motion.

Marionette Lines (ML’s)

The Marionette Lines are a continuation of the NLF’s, extending from the corners of the mouth down to the jaw line. These too are reinforced when we talk and smile broadly. Like the Naso-Labial Folds, the Marionette Lines respond well to fillers. The ML’s often require more volume than the NLF’s for what would seem to be wrinkles of similar depth.

Lip Lines

Lip lines are the fine lines that radiate out from the lips. Often referred to as Smoker’s Lines, the lines are formed when we pucker our lips. Lip lines allow lipstick to bleed, and can make maintaining a clean line at the edge of the lip difficult. By carefully filling in the edge of the lip, a smoothed contour can be formed, and less lipstick bleed occurs. This can be done with or without Lip Augmentation, or purposefully adding volume to the lips.

Facial Wrinkle Correction Before and After Photos

This segment focusses on dermal fillers, and shows numerous before and after pictures illustrating the areas more commonly treated with fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane and Radiesse. Wrinkle relaxers, like Botox, Dysport and Xeomin can complement results in facial wrinkle reduction, but were not used for the areas shown in these before and after pictures.

Facial Wrinkle Correction Video

Today’s video is from a recent appearance on KRON‘s Body Beautiful during which I discuss how to use minimally invasive procedures to achieve maximum results. The (415) number in this video was for viewers to call during the live broadcast. If you have questions about dermal fillers or botox, give us a call at (925) 943-6353.

Facial Wrinkle Correction Video Contents

This Facial Wrinkle Correction Video includes:

Who Am I?

I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area city of Walnut Creek, California, for 15 years. The development of injectable therapies has revolutionized the way facial rejuvenation is approached. While no substitute for real plastic surgery, they do allow for real improvement in appearance of facial lines and wrinkles, in ways that were just not possible before.

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