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Facial Augmentation is used to create or restore pleasing facial proportions. Whether genetic, post-traumatic or the result of aging, facial disproportion can be a source of insecurity. The restoration or creation of facial harmony can enhance your appearance while also providing a sense of well-being and boost to your self-confidence.

Today’s Facial Augmentation Video Presentation goes over the three most commonly requested facial implants used to improve facial proportions:

Facial Augmentation Video Presentation

Chin Implants

We recently discussed Chin Augmentation with Chin Implants on the San Francisco Plastic Surgery Blog. Click the link above to see the article and view Chin Implant Before and After Pictures.

Chin Augmentation Before and After Pictures

A strong chin projects confidence and authority.

Chin Implants are placed via a small incision under the chin or inside the mouth directly onto the front of the mandible. They provide stable augmentation and solid projection of the jaw. A small chin (microgenia) is called a weak chin, as it gives a meek appearance, while a strong chin projects authority and confidence. A small chin is normal in children, but in adults the jaw usually fills in.

Cheek Implants

Cheek Implants are placed via small incisions placed inside the mouth directly onto the front of the maxilla. The bone provides a stable platform on which the implant can project and support the structures of the midface.

Cheek Augmentation Before and After Pictures

Cheek augmentation fills the area beneath the eyes, smoothing and supporting the lower eyelids for a more youthful appearance.

The Cheek Augmentation Before and After Pictures above show increased malar projection, but also show how the lower eyelid is supported by the implants. In the before picture, the lower eyelid is visible as a bag under the eye. In general, the longer the lower eyelid, the older the appearance of the face. In the after picture, the lower eyelid blends seamlessly into the cheek, providing a more youthful appearance.

Nasal Implants

Nasal Implants overlie the nasal bones on the upper nose and between the eyes. Unlike nasal implants that augment the tip of the nose, these implants are less likely to become exposed and cause problems. The area of the nose augmented is the dorsum, so they are often referred to as Dorsal Nasal Implants.

Dorsal Nasal Implant - Nasal Augmentation before and after pictures

Nasal Augmentation before and after pictures – A Dorsal Nasal Implant was used to provide projection of the upper nose.

A Dorsal Nasal Implant was used for the patient above to increase the projection of her upper nose. This type of dorsal nasal augmentation is most common in Asian Rhinoplasty. If adequate nasal cartilage is available, it is preferred to using implants. If nasal cartilage is not available, an implant can provide excellent projection without the morbidity (pain and potential complications) of a rib donor site.

Facial Augmentation Consultations

The goal of Facial Augmentation is the improvement of facial harmony. The relationship of the area augmented needs to be measured against the rest of the face to maintain balance. For optimal results, the entire face should be considered whenever formulating a plan for facial augmentation.

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