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The decision to have Breast Implant Removal, like the decision to have Breast Augmentation, is very personal. About 1% of breast augmentation patients elect to have their Breast Implants removed. There are many reasons for removal and different options for how to remove breast implants. Today on Body Beautiful, we will discuss the details of Breast Implant Removal. This segment originally aired on KRON 4, the San Francisco Bay Area’s News Station.

Breast Implant Removal Presentation

Today’s Plastic Surgery Video features several examples of Breast Implant Removal surgery. The photos are of actual patients of Board Certified, San Francisco Bay Area Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Joseph Mele, MD, FACS. The results are real and specific to each patient and are provided to educate the public about Plastic Surgery. Before planning any Plastic Surgery, a qualified and experienced Plastic Surgeon should be consulted. Your treatment and results may vary from what is shown here.

Breast Implant Removal Video

Breast Implant Removal – One Week Results

Breast Implant Removal Results - One week after surgery

Breast Implant Removal Results – One week after surgery, the Steri-Strips are still in place over the incisions. The skin has begun to recoil due to removing the implants and the skin’s intrinsic elasticity. (Click to remove censoring)

The above Breast Implant Removal Before and After Pictures show the results at one week after explantation surgery. The breasts are smaller from the removal of her breast implants. A breast lift was not performed as her young, elastic skin recoiled immediately.

Her original breast augmentation was performed via a periareolar incision; however, removal was performed via the inframammary fold (IMF) to prevent dimpling at the incision. Dimpling was already present at her left breast incision site prior to explantation, and this would have likely gotten worse if removal had been performed via the same incision. In fact, the dimpling was improved with internal capsule removal.

One week after Breast Implant Removal Surgery, she is able to shower and resume normal activities. Strenuous workouts and vigorous activities are delayed until fully healed. A light compression bra is all that is needed for comfort and support during the postoperative phase.

Breast Implant Removal – One Month Results

Breast Implant Removal Results - One month after surgery

Breast Implant Removal Results – One month after surgery, the skin has recoiled and lifted her IMF. The breast tissue above and behind the nipple has not fully fluffed; however, this often improves during the months after surgery. If it does not, fat grafting may be an option, but this has its own risks and limitations. (Click to remove censoring)

The Breast Implant Removal Before and After Photos above show the typical collapse of the upper and central breast after removal of larger breast implants in someone who had small breasts prior to Breast Augmentation. She is only one month out from her procedure. At this stage after surgery, patients are typically very happy with the improvement in their breasts’ appearance, and they are able to increase their activity levels without limitations.

The concavity seen typically improves for six to twelve months after surgery, so waiting is the best initial course of action. When the concavity does not improve, and only when it is bothersome to my patient, a couple options are available for correction.

Sometimes a small, flat breast implant is used to provide volume to the hollow area of the central breast. Occasionally, fat grafting is used to restore the missing volume. Of the two options, breast implants provide the most predictable volume. In either case, the risks and benefits need to be discussed in detail before proceeding.

Breast Implant Removal – One Year Results

Breast Implant Removal Results - One year after surgery

Breast Implant Removal Results – One year after surgery the contour of her breast has improved. She has filled in behind her nipples and the breast tissue once compressed by the breast implant expands. (Click to remove censoring)

The shape of the breasts improve over the year after surgery. Further recoil of the skin may occur, but after three months, the majority of the improvement comes from the breast tissue fluffing. Breast implants compress the breast tissue between the implant and the skin. This is why the breasts’ contour can look concave right after surgery. After the implant is removed, the breast tissue decompresses, further filling the breast and supporting the skin.

Breast Implant Removal Results - One year after surgery

Breast Implant Removal Results – One year after surgery her breast contours are normal, and she is very happy with her smaller breasts. (Click to remove censoring)

Breast Implant Removal – For Capsular Contracture

Breast Implant Removal Results - for Capsular Contracture

Breast Implant Removal Results for Capsular Contracture – Sometimes the body forms a tight scar around the breast implants that distorts the appearance of the breasts. Capsulotomies and Capsulectomies are the most common treatments when breast augmentation is still desired. Breast Implant removal is another option, when augmentation is no longer desired. (Click to remove censoring)

Capsular Contracture occurs when the scar pocket which normally holds the Breast Implant in place becomes tight. The result is a breast that feels firm or even hard. In many cases the breast implant is displaced by the tight capsule.

In the example above, the patient has bilateral capsular contracture. Her left breast implant has been pushed up higher than her right by the tight scar (Grade III capsular contracture). In some cases, capsular contracture can also be painful (Grade IV capsular contracture). Treatments include opening (capsulotomy) and removing (capsulectomy) the scar pocket to soften the breasts and reposition the breast implants. There is always the risk that capsular contracture can recur. This patient elected to have her breast implants removed to eliminate any chance of recurrent capsular contracture. After Breast Implant Removal, her breasts are soft and her symmetry is markedly improved.

Breast Implant Removal Consultations

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