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Breast augmentation with breast implants, and the mastopexy (breast lift) remain two of the most frequently performed cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. Breast enhancement with breast implants has many different aspects. The size, type, location and insertion point of the implant can all be modified to an advantage. For the drooping breast, a breast lift, or mastopexy, is the procedure of choice. Breast lifts can be combined with breast implants, not only increase the volume of your breasts, but to enhance the shape.

This breast enlargement video series focuses on breast augmentation mastopexy. This segment reviews the options available for breast implants: saline vs. silicone; smooth vs. textured; round vs. teardrop shaped. It covers some of the advantages of saline and silicone gel filled breast implants bay area, as well as some of the common problems. No breast implant is perfect, but by understanding what breast augmentation can and can’t do, you can make an informed decision, and everything is easier when you know what to expect.

Breast augmentation before and after pictures are included, and these can be compared to breast lift before and after pictures and breast lift with breast implants before and after pictures. While these cannot be a guarantee of your results, they can serve as an example of what types of results can be obtained with the help of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

This is segment two of four from a recent airing of KRON’s Body Beautiful with Vicki Liviakis. The 800 number shown was for the live broadcast, so if you have questions please call my office directly at (925) 943-6353, or use the contact form to the left. Additional information can also be obtained from the links at the end of this article.

This episode includes:

If you are interested in learning what specific treatment will work best for you, a personal consultation appointment would be the best way to find out. A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can help define your goals and tailor the treatment to best achieve the results you desire. To schedule your consultation, please call (925) 943-6353.

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