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Breast augmentation remains one of the most frequently performed cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. The question of when to incorporate a breast lift is often discussed during the initial consultation appointment. The combination of a breast lift with breast augmentation is termed augmentation mastopexy. The word augmentation indicates that we a enlarging the breasts, while the word mastopexy means breast lift.

Breast lifts are indicated when the breast sags past the fold under the breast. This fold is called the inframammary fold or IMF for short. Breast lifts are also performed to reposition the nipple higher on the breast. Usually raising both the nipple and the breast are needed.

For breast that have always been small, there is less sagging, and a breast lift is not usually necessary. If the breasts have deflated, but have not dropped, then breast augmentation alone is usually be enough. When the nipples are above the IMF, and the breast tissue is below the IMF this is termed pseudoptosis, or fake sagging. If the goal is to increase the bust size, pseudoptosis can often be corrected with breast augmentation alone.

When there is true sagging, coupled with a desire to increase the size of the breast, then the combination of a breast lift with breast implants is one of the most useful combinations available. The series of videos that follow discuss breast augmentation and breast lifts. There are many variations and combinations of the procedures, so the information here is kept in general terms.

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