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With voting ending last week, Aesthetic Everything announced its 2022 award winners. I am humbled to share with you that I received four awards.

2022 Aesthetic Everything Plastic Surgery Awards

2022 Aesthetic Everything Plastic Surgery Awards were announced last week, and I am happy to announced that we brought home four awards.

2022 Plastic Surgery Awards

After 25 years of private practice Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, it is a great honor to receive such prestigious awards. Sadly, this year there will be no awards ceremony; however, champagne and sweets arrived with the trophy.

Quadruple Award Winner

If you were kind enough to vote via the link on my DrMele Instagram, the result was a win in the following four categories.

More information is available in this article in Beauty Wire Magazine.

Thank You

Thank you to my patients and everyone who voted in this year’s competition. It is privilege to be a plastic surgeon, and to specialize in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. I appreciate all your votes and kind words, and I will continue to work hard to maintain your respect.

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