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According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 1 in 8 adults has taken Ozempic or another GLP-1 drug.

GLP-1 Medication Use

Semaglutide, originally prescribed for diabetes, has become the world’s most popular weight loss injectable.

GLP-1’s and Surgery

I have talked about GLP-1 drugs before, and the importance of stopping GLP-1 medications before surgery to avoid serious complications.

List of GLP-1 Medications

Medical publications often use the generic GLP-1 when writing about these drugs. A common reason is so as not to show a commercial bias; however, this makes it harder for you to know which drugs they are talking about, and there are many. Next is a list of the common GLP-1 brand name medications. I have listed the brand name first, as you have probably seen the ads on TV, and the generic name in parenthesis. Some are weekly injections. Some are daily or twice daily pills.

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