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Smart Liposuction takes Teamwork. It does not require a Smart-Lipo machine, but it does require a smart patient and a smart plastic surgeon.

Liposuction of the Belly

Liposuction of the abdominal wall can reduce the belly bulge.


The term Liposculpture accurately describes what liposuction can do for you. Liposuction allows an experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, to aesthetically sculpt the body. By selectively removing disproportionate fat, Liposculpture smooths out the bulges that the fat causes. However, liposuction cannot substitute for proper weight control.

What’s the Best Weight for Liposuction?

The closer you are to your ideal body weight, the better your Liposuction results will be. Liposuction is not like weight loss. Liposuction allows you to choose where the fat is removed. With weight loss, the fat leaves in a genetically programmed sequence. Since liposuction allows you to choose where the weight is lost, the undesired fat can be specifically targeted. With liposuction, fat is quickly and safely removed.

What if I Gain Weight After Liposuction?

If you gain weight after liposuction, the weight has to go somewhere. It may come back in the same place. It may come back in a new area. Most commonly, however, the weight comes back more proportionately and is more evenly distributed.

How Does Smart Liposuction take Teamwork?

The best liposuction results are the product of a collaboration between a smart patient and a smart plastic surgeon. The ideal patient is near their ideal weight, and has realistic expectations. They are not pinning their hopes on some “brand-name” liposuction machine’s slick marketing campaign promising instant results, no down time and no recovery time needed. If it sounds to good to be true … it’s probably false.

Fat is Soft

This may seem obvious but … fat is soft. Tumescent liposuction remains the safest and most predictable method for removing disproportionate fat. The addition of lasers, ultrasound, heat, cold, radio frequency or any other destructive proprietary energy is unnecessary. The only thing that they add with certainty is additional risk.

It’s the Craftsman, not the Tool

When you are researching liposuction, research your doctor. A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon offers the most comprehensive knowledge and skills to improve the appearance of your body. Not only can they carefully review every aspect of liposuction, but also every other cosmetic procedure that may apply to your areas of concern. Because a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon offers more than just liposuction, you can feel confident that when they recommend liposuction, they are recommending the best procedure, and the best method for you.

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