SF Bay Area Breast Augmentation

Posted September 27, 2014 in Breast Augmentation, Home, Videos

Breast Augmentation remains the most popular Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. Whether restoring breast volume lost during pregnancy or weight loss, or enhancing the shape of small breasts, Breast Implants have provided a safe and effective method of Breast Enlargement for over 50 years.

Dr. Mele Discusses Breast Implants on Body Beautiful

This month, I discuss Breast Augmentation on KRON 4’s Body Beautiful. The show is broadcast live and reviews the latest plastic surgery news for the San Francisco Bay Area. In the video below, I discuss Breast Implants and Breast Augmentation. Before and After pictures of typical results are also reviewed, though edited for television, of course.

Breast Augmentation Video from this month’s Body Beautiful on KRON 4

Breast Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions

I cover as many Breast Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions as possible in this six minute and forty-nine second video. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Who is the ideal candidate for Breast Augmentation?
  • Can Breast Implants help with loose skin?
  • Do saggy breasts always require a Breast Lift?
  • What is the recovery period for Breast Enlargement?
  • Where is the scar placed for the Breast Implants?
  • Why are Silicone Breast Implants more often placed via the IMF incision (under the breast)?
  • What are the advantages of the Infra-Mammary Fold (IMF) Incision?
  • When can a Periareolar Incision (under the nipple/areola) be used?
  • What types of Breast Implants are currently available?
  • What is a Gummy Bear Breast Implant?
  • What is High-Strength, Highly Cohesive, Form-Stable silicone gel?
  • How to help your Plastic Surgeon pick the optimal Breast Implant Size?
  • Are Mommy Makeovers just for Mommies?
  • Multiple Breast Augmentation Before and After Pictures are discussed too.

Breast Augmentation Consultations

Type, Size and Method of Breast Augmentation are all important for a good result, but the most important variable is finding an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon that you can talk to. Great Breast Enhancement is subjective, and it is as important for your Plastic Surgeon to understand your goals as it is for you to understand the benefits and risks of the procedure.

If you are considering Breast Augmentation, call (925) 943-6353 to schedule a private consultation with an experienced Breast Augmentation Specialist.