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Liposuction remains one of the most popular Cosmetic Plastic Surgery procedures. Unlike weight loss, liposuction allows you to choose the areas where fat is removed. It is not a method of weight loss, or even weight maintenance, but it can remove those stubborn, disproportionate pockets of fat that just won’t leave despite a good diet and exercise.

Dr. Mele Discusses Liposuction on KRON 4’s Body Beautiful

The lastest television video segment from the Bay Area’s New Station, KRON 4’s Body Beautiful is included below. Liposuction is discussed, as well as the recovery.

Liposuction Video with Before and After Pictures

Before and After Pictures of Liposuction

Before and After Pictures of Liposuction are reviewed including:

Liposuction vs. Liposculpture

Liposuction literally means fat suction. A cannula is placed under the skin via a small incision and fat is vacuumed out. The concept is simple, and maybe that’s why everyone thinks they can do it. There are many methods, but choosing the right Plastic Surgeon will always be more important than picking the “right” method. Just like a great musician playing Classroom Instruments will always sound better than an amateur playing a Stradivarius. Besides, fat is soft, so a bigger, hotter, stronger hammer is unnecessary, and is yet to be proven better.

A sculpture is defined by what remains, not the chips of marble left on the floor. Liposculpture is Liposuction, but emphasizes the importance of what is left behind rather than what is removed. The goal with Liposculpture is to create a better shape, not to remove as much fat as possible.

Additive Sculpture – Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer is currently a hot topic. It is probably best known as the Brazilian Butt Lift. A Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure where fat is removed from an area that is disproportionate and is used for Fat Transplant to the Buttocks. The added volume not only enlarges the buttocks, but can reshape them too. The biggest limitations for fat transfer are the amount of fat available elsewhere in the body, and the nature of the buttocks’ skin.

Fat transfer is not as predictable as sculpture because fat is not as predictable as stone. The volume of fat transferred can change. Initially 50% to 100% of the fat may take. Obviously, this is a bigger problem if 50% takes on one side and 100% on the other. After the fat grafts have healed, they continue to behave like the area they where taken from. If you gain weight, the grafts will get bigger.

Another area that Plastic Surgeons are investigating is fat grafting to the breasts. Fat grafts are not as predictable as Breast Implants, and still are not ready for primetime when it comes to Breast Augmentation. However, after breast biopsies, lumpectomies or other traumatic changes to the breasts that effect breast contour, Fat Grafting to the Breasts can provide dramatic improvement.

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