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This is part 3 of a 4 part series on cosmetic plastic surgery after bariatric surgery or cosmetic plastic surgery after massive weight loss.

Who Gets Post-Bariatric Plastic Surgery?

When we lose weight, there is often enough elasticity in the skin to maintain our shape. With the massive weight loss seen after Bariatric Surgery, and often after pregnancy, the skin is stretched beyond its ability to recoil. Skin can change from form-fitting to redundant, causing bulges in the same places that the fat used to. Skin can change from an unnoticed covering, to an organ that moves with its own momentum, often making exercise uncomfortable. When this happens, Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can help.

Cosmetic or Reconstructive? The Answer is Yes.

A lot of time is spent trying to pigeon hole Plastic Surgery into cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. The truth is all plastic surgery is a mixture of cosmetic and reconstructive elements. The classification is less absolute and more yin and yang. Everything I do is a mixture of both form enhancing (cosmetic) and function enhancing (reconstructive) surgery. For Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery Patients, it is easy to understand.

What Does Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery Do?

Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery removes excess skin and tightens the skin that remains. Yes is it cosmetic. Excess skin is not life threatening, and the cosmetic appearance is improved when skin no longer overflows the waist band. However, excess skin can also be painful. It can develop rashes in the folds which can lead to sores and even life threatening infections. Correcting or preventing these types of problems is reconstructive.

Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery Video

The following segment focuses on the interplay between weight, exercise and plastic surgery. The 800 number appearing on the video was only for the live show. To contact my office for additional information, please use the form on the lower left side of this web page, or give us a call at (925) 943-6353.

Answers to Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery Questions

Questions answered in this segment of Body Beautiful include:

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