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Massive weight loss can lead to massive skin excess. Whether from diet and exercise, or after weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery), excess skin can mask your hard work, and still make it difficult to find clothes that fit. Post bariatric surgery can help remove and tighten excess skin and reveal your true shape after weight loss.

What is Post-Bariatric Surgery?

Post bariatric plastic surgery is a collection of modified cosmetic plastic surgery procedures designed to remove and tailor the excess skin that weight loss leaves behind. While removing extra skin also means removing extra weight, the real strength of these procedures tightening the skin to reveal your new shape.

In my San Francisco post-bariatric plastic surgery practice, I use modified cosmetic plastic surgery procedures and specialized procedures to achieve optimal results. All post-bariatric plastic surgery requires careful, in-office, consultations and planning. Safety and predictability are paramount.

Video presentations for most post-bariatric procedures can be viewed by clicking on the list below. The back and buttock lifts have many variations, and are best discussed on an individual basis. More video presentations on cosmetic plastic surgery after massive weight loss, can be viewed on the Post Bariatric Page of

Post Bariatric Procedures

Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery Videos

I have had the opportunity to discuss post weight loss surgery on KRON4‘s Body Beautiful. Since the show is broadcast live, it allows you to call in with your questions during the show, and get them answered. Below is part 1 of 4 videos. You can find more videos on post-bariatric surgery (plastic surgery after massive weight loss) posted on the San Francisco Plastic Surgery Blog, or they may be viewed on my YouTube channel.

The 800 number appearing on the video was only for the live show. To contact my office for additional information, or to schedule a private consultation appointment, please call (925) 943-6353, or use the contact form on the lower left side of this web page.

Answers to Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery FAQs

After Bariatric Surgery, it is best to wait a year to allow your weight loss to stabilize. The body has time to adjust to its new physiological state, and the skin can tighten to the best of its ability. Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery can then be tailored to the areas where the excess skin remains.

This video describes:

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