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Rhinoplasty is used to change the shape of the nose. In fact that is literally what Rhinoplasty means.

Nasal Surgery can increase, decrease or morph the anatomy of the nose. In general, we strive for balance, but many ethnic variations exist. In the United States and Europe it is more common to reduce the dorsum of the nose, as many patients complain about a bump on the top of their nose; however, many Asian patients complain about having a flat dorsum and desire Nasal Augmentation. A flat nose can also be acquired after an accident or sporting injury.

Nasal Augmentation – Filler

The nose can be enlarged temporarily with dermal fillers. Fillers provide a non-permanent way to see what nasal enlargement looks like in real time. It gives patients a chance to evaluate how much is enough, and helps me determine the Nasal Implant that best suits their needs.

Dorsal Nasal Augmentation with Filler

Dorsal Nasal Augmentation with Filler helps a patient determine how much augmentation is enough.

The patient above desired temporary nasal augmentation with a filler. The advantages are near instant results and the procedure can be performed in the office with just local anesthesia. It is also a way to “try out” nasal augmentation and determine the optimal amount of augmentation prior to a more permanent surgical solution. The downside is the results are temporary. Smaller augmentation may be achieved with cartilage grafts, while large augmentations may require an implant.

Nasal Augmentation – Implant

Nasal Implants are used to augment the dorsum of the nose. Some, like the implant shown below, sit on the top of the nose and fill the dorsum. Most are made of silicone or Gore Tex. They fill from the tip up to the root of the nose and are curved to hold onto the dorsal nasal contour.

Dorsal Nasal Augmentation with Nasal Implant

A Dorsal Nasal Implant provides long lasting nasal augmentation.

The dorsal only implant shown above, fills from just above the nasal tip to the skin between the eyes. These implants come in various lengths and thickness, so the amount of augmentation can be customized to each patient’s nose. Larger, L-shaped nasal implants can also enhance tip projection, but can also cause problems if they are too large or if they push too hard on the skin.

Nasal Augmentation Consultation

Like any Rhinoplasty, nasal augmentation is personalized, and requires an in-person consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon. To learn if Nasal Augmentation or the Cosmetic Nasal Surgery is right for you, call (925) 943-6353 and schedule a private consultation appointment.

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