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If we are lucky, Facial Aging is something we all experience. It can present as changes in skin tone or coloration, fine lines or deeper wrinkles, and even loose or saggy skin. It happens, if we stick around long enough. While Facial Aging cannot be altogether prevented, how you look is influenced by how you treat your skin. Some of our normal daily activities help, while others hinder the effects of time.

Good Genes and Bad Habits

We all know someone who never wears sunscreen, drinks, smokes and whose skin looks great. It’s hard to beat youth and good genes, but you can if you try hard enough. Skin likes Protection, Hydration and Circulation, so here’s how to earn your PhC in beautiful skin:

Good Genes and Good Sense

There are many simple actions we can take to keep our face and skin happy, and earn our skin a PhC. You have probably heard many of them before, like eating right and sleeping, but good advice only works if you act on it. I will share additional pearls in additional posts.

With the title How to Help Your Face, you might have thought I was going to review all the plastic surgery options for Facial Rejuvenation. That information is certainly available here on the the San Francisco Plastic Surgery Blog. The most common, Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty), Face Lifts (Rhytidectomy), Nasal Surgery (Rhinoplasty), Chemical Peels, Fillers and even Botox, all work better with skin that is cared for.

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