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Between men and women, the breasts are an area with significant aesthetic differences. For both sexes, shape trumps size. However, size is particularly important for the masculine chest. Male breast enlargement is a source of embarrassment and a common reason that men both young and old seek plastic surgery.

Gynecomastia Reduction Before and After Pictures – The before picture on the left is of an adolescent male who experienced sudden and severe gynecomastia development while still attending high school. He was more comfortable and happy in the after photo on the right.

Gynecomastia Reduction Surgery is a relatively short outpatient surgical procedure. Also known as Male Breast Reduction, it is often performed for men whose breast tissue has grown too large, making them unhappy with the appearance of their chest.

The Ideal Male Chest

Gynecomastia Reduction before and after photos – The above Male Bodybuilder has spent a lot of time developing and contouring his chest. Unfortunately, he had a small amount of gynecomastia causing puffiness behind his nipples, left greater than right. Gynecomastia reduction improved his symmetry and put the icing on this beefcake.

While a man’s chest is generally flatter than a woman’s, it is not flat. A certain amount of projection and curvature is masculine. On the other hand, too much projection is feminizing. This applies to both the chest mound and the nipples. The lateral aspect of the ideal masculine chest ends at the edge of the pectoralis major muscle. Unlike a woman’s breasts, the masculine chest does not have “side-boob”, and male nipples are smaller and flatter.

Gynecomastia Reduction before and after photos – This is the same body builder seen above. On the side view, his puffy nipples due to gynecomastia are more easily seen. The after photos shows his improved appearance.

What Is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is overdeveloped breast tissue in men. It can be a source of embarrassment both in and out of clothing. Even in clothing, an overdeveloped male chest can be hard to disguise. The majority of the breast tissue in a man is behind the nipple. Excess fullness in this area causes the areolae (the circles of colored skin around the nipple) to over project, making the nipples stick out. The more prominent the tissue, the harder it may be to participate in normal activities such as going to the beach or swimming. This is often referred to as “puffy nipples”.

What Is Gynecomastia Reduction?

Gynecomastia Reduction is an outpatient surgical procedure which removes disproportionate breast tissue and fat from the male chest. It is the most effective way to remove gynecomastia and masculinize the chest. Male Breast Reduction, whether for body builders and regular Joes, is one of the most satisfying services I provide every week as a Cosmetic Plastic SurgeonWalnut Creek Plastic Surgery practice.

Gynecomastia reduction before and after photos: Even this hairy chest looked feminine in a shirt. A combination of Liposuction and direct excision was used to remove the excess breast tissue and masculinize this patient’s chest.

Gynecomastia Reduction is usually performed with a combination of Liposuction and direct excision of the excess breast tissue. This two-pronged approach allows for the removal of excess fat via small incisions in the armpits and removal of the firm, rubbery breast tissue from beneath the nipples via periareolar incisions. The incisions are usually discreet, but the results are clearly evident and very satisfying.

Gynecomastia Consultations

Gynecomastia Reduction Consultations should be sought from an experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. In the San Francisco Bay Area, call (925) 943-6353 for your private and personal consultation appointment. More details about the procedure are available here, on the San Francisco Plastic Surgery Blog, but for the best information, there is no substitute for an in-person evaluation.

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