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Breast buds can lead to "puffy nipples," really the enlargement of the areolae rather than the nipple proper. Gynecomastia reduction surgery can remove the disproportionate breast tissue and masculinize the chest.

Breast buds can lead to “puffy nipples,” really the enlargement of the areolae rather than the nipple proper. Gynecomastia reduction surgery can remove the disproportionate breast tissue and masculinize the chest.

Gynecomastia Reduction Surgery on the Bay Area’s KRON 4’s Body Beautiful

A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to discuss Gynecomastia Reduction Surgery on the San Francisco Bay Area’s News Station, KRON 4. Body Beautiful, was the first live show broadcast from the new KRON 4 studios, and what a beautiful facility it is. It was my privilege to discuss the various forms of Gynecomastia and the many Breast Reduction treatments available.

Types of Gynecomastia Reduction Treatments

Liposuction, direct excision of the gland, removal of excess skin and combinations of all these methods were reviewed and illustrated with Gynecomastia Reduction Before and After Pictures. Excision of the skin is not usually necessary, unless there is a large amount of loose skin. This type of skin redundancy is seen in older patients and after large weight loss, like with Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery.

Gynecomastia and Male Breast Reduction Surgery Video

Breast Buds – The First Wave Effects Us All But Doesn’t Last

Gynecomastia effects every man at some point in his life. Every infant is born with it. The mother’s female hormones cross the placenta and cause the development of breast tissue. Infants will quickly lose the breast buds as their mother’s hormones gradually metabolize in the infant’s circulation.

Breast Buds – The Second Wave Effects Most of Us and Often Stays

The second wave of Gynecomastia might not go quietly. The breasts experience a second surge of hormones during puberty. This can be a problem for young men. Approximately 65% of boys experience the recurrence of Breast Buds during the pre-teen to teen years. In about half those affected, the enlarged breast tissue again decreases as the hormone levels drop. Since this can take several years, it is recommended that early Gynecomastia be observed for 1-2 years. If it persists, and it remains a cosmetic concern, there are surgical options that are safe and effective.

The chances of Gynecomastia can go up with certain behaviors, too. Many medications can promote breast development in men. While young men do not often require water pills (diuretics) or blood pressure medicine (antihypertensives); however, steroid use and smoking Marijuana both promote abnormal growth of breast tissue. There are no medications known to reliably decrease the size of gynecomastia, once it develops.

Breast Buds – The Third Wave Comes Later

The third wave of Gynecomastia is in middle age and later in life. It can be Pseudogynecomastia, fat from weight gain, or True Gynecomastia, often secondary effects of medications, like the diuretics and antihypertensives mentioned above. Gynecomastia can also be a significant side effect of prostate cancer treatments. After puberty, once Gynecomastia develops, it rarely leaves without surgical intervention.

Breast Buds – Outside the Waves Could be Dangerous

While the vast majority of Gynecomastia is benign, certain signs and symptoms, including abnormal timing at presentation, may be a warning, and further investigation may be warranted. Men account for 1% of all Breast Cancer cases, and other tumors, like testicular and pituitary cancer, can produce hormones that promote breast development. Gynecomastia associated with bleeding or discharge from the nipple may also require additional testing.

Gynecomastia Consultations

If you have problems with disproportionately large breasts, areolae or nipples, whether you are a man or a woman, you have options. Explore your options with a private and personalized consultation appointment. Give my San Francisco Bay Area Plastic Surgery office a call today at (925) 943-6353. The San Francisco Plastic Surgery Blog, and my other web sites provide accurate information; however, the best results are obtained by tailoring your surgical plan to your situation.

I repeat this often: when it comes to getting the best results, there is no substitute for an in-person consultation with a qualified, experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

More Gynecomastia Reduction Videos

More Gynecomastia Reduction Videos are available here on the San Francisco Plastic Surgery Blog, and also at on the Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction) Video Page.

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