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When Is Gifting Plastic Surgery Okay?

When Is Gifting Plastic Surgery Okay?

I received an e-mail today asking about the cost of a procedure. This is not unusual, but the procedure was not for them. It was for their spouse. Immediately, I wondered:

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery can be a great gift under the right circumstances, but it should never be a surprise. There are a few caveats to consider, especially if the recipient’s decision has not been fully discussed prior to presentation. It is not a gift that can be returned or exchanged. It’s a medical procedure, and all the risks and benefits of a medical procedure need to be considered regardless of the funding source.

Gifting Cosmetic Surgery After the Decision to Have Plastic Surgery is Made

The best circumstance is if your loved one has already made their decision to proceed with a little nip, tuck or other enhancement. A few hints have been dropped, or a “what if…” scenario has been hypothesized. This means they have already done their research, considered their options and feel it’s a safe and predictable option for them. Maybe, they have already consulted with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and feel comfortable with both the procedure and the surgeon. In other words, it is their idea, and they have already done their homework. Plastic Surgery is very personal, and only the person having the procedure can decide if it’s right for them.

Gifting Cosmetic Surgery after the decision to have plastic surgery is made is not likely to trivialize the surgery or make the giftee feel compelled to have a procedure they would not otherwise consider important. Ideally, the risks and benefits have already been weighed. In this case, the gift is the surprise, rather than the procedure itself. The gift is a show of support.

Surprise Plastic Surgery Gifting

Most of the time, we want our gifts to be a surprise. More specifically, a pleasant surprise. Surprise! I think you need plastic surgery, may not be a pleasant surprise. It is important to know your partner’s wishes; what concerns them and if they want to explore correction. If they have verbalized a desire to proceed, it may be safe. If they have not, they may not like being pushed.

Interested – But Options Not Explored

If there is interest, research is the next step. Exploring the available options, and finding a Reputable Experienced Plastic Surgeon, is a good place to start. The Internet is a good source for general information, but an in-person consultation is the only way to get the specifics. This also nails down the budget. A card offering support may be appreciated, but until the details are worked out, it’s still a bit risky.

Who Makes the Decision to Proceed?

Once a procedure is gifted, the financial barrier may be lowered, but you also need a Qualified Plastic Surgeon who agrees that the procedure is appropriate. Not everyone who comes into my San Francisco Bay Area Plastic Surgery clinic is a good candidate for plastic surgery. There are specific indications for each procedure that must be met.

Even after a Cosmetic Plastic Surgery procedure is considered safe and the desired results are deemed likely, ultimately, the patient gets to decide whether to proceed or not. It’s their body, and their decision. Receiving the procedure as a gift should not influence the medical decision. A thoughtful review of the risks, benefits, alternatives and recovery is most important. Being supportive of your partner’s well-thought-out decision, is the best gift you can give.

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