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Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgery procedures. By definition, it is an elective procedure, so no one strictly “needs” it; however, if you have one or more of the following Five Indications for Blepharoplasty, you might want it.

#1 – Hooded Upper Eyelids

Upper Blepharoplasty – the above upper eyelid lift before and after pictures show a large amount of upper eyelid skin excess present before blepharoplasty. By removing this visor of skin, her hooding is eliminated; her eyesight is improved, and her tired appearance is erased leaving her looking alert and awake.

By far, the most common reason for eyelid surgery is Heavy Upper Eyelids. The following four features contribute to the formation of heavy upper eyelids:

The patient shown in the before and after photos (above) had all four factors and wanted relief. The thickening and redundancy created a large visor of skin which hooded her eyes and blocked her vision. After Blepharoplasty, in this case an Upper Blepharoplasty, her eyes are more open. In the after photo you can see more of her eyeball; moreover, she is better able to see upward and to the side without the “blinders” of skin. She appears more alert, awake and attractive with the excess skin removed. Additionally, after Upper Blepharoplasty, she can apply upper eyelid makeup, something that her upper eyelid skin excess prevented.

#2 – A Tired Appearance

Quad blepharoplasty before and after photos – Rejuvenating all four lids (bilateral upper and lower eyelids) is called a quad bleph for short. A quad bleph eliminates both heavy upper eyelid skin and lower eyelid bags.

Another frequent complaint I hear from patients seeking Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery is that they look tired. Even when they are well rested, their droopy eyelids and bags under eyes people might still cause people to ask if they’re tired. Well rested, alert appearing eyes are fully open and do not have bags under them. These are the goals of Blepharoplasty.

For the patient above, Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty was performed to rejuvenate her eyelids. The excess skin and fat was removed from the upper and lower eyelids to open her eyes and smooth her lower lids. The result is a happier, well rested and more youthful appearance.

#3 – Irregular Upper Eyelid Folds

Asian double eyelid surgery is used to create a distinct upper eyelid fold when it does not exist. These Asian eyelid surgery before and after photos show the creation of a single fold on her right eyelid (where several existed) and elevation of her left eyelid fold, creating more open and alert eyes.

Sometimes, the upper eyelids do not have a well defined crease. This can happen to anyone, but is present about half the time for patients of Asian descent. Occasionally, as in the above case, one eyelid has a crease (her left), while the other is indistinct (her right). Creases can also be absent, as evidenced in the first set of photos at the top of this post. After Double Eyelid Surgery, this patient’s upper eyelids are more open and symmetrical.

#4 – Lower Eyelid Skin Laxity

Lower blepharoplasty – these lower eyelid before and after pictures show removal of the lower eyelid bags and tightening of the lower eyelid skin – smoothing out her lower lids.

Indications for Lower Eyelid Lifts are excess skin and/or excess fat. The bright blue eyes above appear tired due to a combination of eyelid skin laxity and excess lower eyelid fat. During a short outpatient lower blepharoplasty procedure, an incision was made just below the lower eyelid lashes to remove the excess skin and fat from the lids, leaving her with smooth lower eyelids and a more youthful and rested appearance.

#5 – Lower Eyelid Bags

Lower eyelid lift – Sometimes the lower eyelids have bags even when the skin is tight. These before and after pictures show how a lower blepharoplasty can remove excess lower eyelid fat and provide a smooth lower eyelid.

Sometimes the main problem with the lower eyelids is the excess fat. By removing the excess fat, or repositioning it into the hollow beneath the eyelid bags, a smooth and youthful lower eyelid can be created. In cases when the skin is tight, the incision to remove the excess fat can be made inside the eyelid.

Blepharoplasty Consultations

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