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Heavy eyelids droop, making us look disinterested or tired. In the extreme, a sagging upper eyelid can block upward and lateral vision. Baggy lower eyelids, on the other hand, won’t block your vision, but they do make us look tired, and can add years to an otherwise youthful face.

Every Blepahroplasty is Different

When it comes to eyelids, Plastic Surgeons are here to help. By removing excess eyelid skin and fat, the Blepharoplasty can reduce the skin folds and open the eye. Every Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, requires specific techniques for individual anatomy. This is particularly important for eyelid surgery.

Male Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Men have differently shaped upper eyelids than women, and require specific attention to the masculine details for the best results. Overcorrecting, or worse over elevating the brow above the, male eyelids leads not only to a surprised look, but also a feminization of the male upper face. Most men do not look better with feminized eyes. Male Blepharoplasty must be performed carefully to get rid of the tired look and maintain the masculine anatomy.

Asian Eyelid Surgery

Asian Eyelids require different techniques than caucasian eyelids. The Asian eyelid attachments and the location of the upper eyelid fat pads are different than the Caucasian equivalent. While eyelid surgery can be used to open the eyelids, it may not be desirable to round the eye opening too much. Julie Chen recently made headlines when she disclosed that she had eyelid surgery to change the shape of her eyelids, after she was told by an agent that she looked bored and disinterested when interviewing a guest due to the heaviness of her upper eyelids.

Blepharoplasty aka Eyelid Lift Surgery Video Presentation

Dr. Joseph Mele appears on KRON4's Body Beautiful to talk about Eyelid Lifts (Blepharoplasties).

Dr. Joseph Mele appears on KRON4’s Body Beautiful to talk about Eyelid Lifts (Blepharoplasties).

This month, I had the opportunity to discuss popular Facial Plastic Surgery procedures like face lifts and eyelid lifts on KRON4‘s Body Beautiful with Janelle Marie. Before and after pictures were provided, as well as many of the options available for today’s San Francisco Bay Are Eyelid Lift patients. Caucasian and Asian Eyelid lift techniques used to restore more briliant looking eyes are reviewed.

Body Beautiful is a live show, so anyone watching can call in and have their questions answered. The (415) number shown during the broadcast is only for the live show, but if you have Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Lift) Questions, call my San Francisco Bay Area Plastic Surgery office directly at (925) 943-6353.

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Lifts) as seen on TV

Frequently Asked Eye Lift (Blepharoplasty) Questions

The Eyelid Lift Video embedded above answers many of the most frequently asked questions about Blepharoplasties. Some of the information revealed includes:

More Eyelid Lift and Facial Plastic Surgery Information

More information about Eyelid Lifts and other Facial Plastic Surgery is available by clicking on the area of interest in the column to the left, or by visiting my main website’s Face Page

Other Segments from This Month’s Body Beautiful

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