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Otoplasty is a category of Cosmetic Ear Surgery that includes Ear Pinning for Prominent Ears and the correction of other ear shapes like Cupped Ears, Lop Ears, Stahls’ Ears and Spock Ears. Otoplasty also includes procedures for reconstructing ears in cases of birth defects like microtia, tumor removal or traumatic injury.

Ear Pinning

The most common Otoplasty by far is Ear Pinning for the correction of Prominent Ears.

Otoplasty - Ear Pinning Before and After Pictures

Otoplasty can correct prominent ears, even in a case like this, when one ear is more prominent than the other.

Otoplasty is a short outpatient surgical procedure. It is an Ear Shaping procedure for both adults and children whose ear prominence bothers them. Prominent Ears may cause embarrassment and can affect one’s self esteem. Many patients who seek ear pinning disguise their ears with long hair or hats, even in the warm summer months.

Children with Prominent Ears are often self-conscious and experience ridicule due to the appearance of their ears. Otoplasty is offered for 5-year-olds and older, because the ears achieve 75% of their adult size by age five.
Early Ear Pinning provides correction before grade school, or before going off to college. I see many adults who wished they could have done the procedure sooner, but who did not have the means or opportunity.

Otoplasty Options

There are two main methods of Ear Pinning in use – posterior Mustarde Sutures and anterior Crikelair scoring. For adults, or when the cartilage is stiff, I often use both techniques.

Otoplasty - Ear Pinning Before and After Pictures

Otoplasty can make wearing your hair up or in a ponytail less embarrassing.

Mustarde Sutures are placed under the skin on the back of the ear to bring the ear back to form a smooth antihelical fold. Crikelair Scoring is performed under the skin on the front of the ear to give the antihelical fold a gentle curve like a normal ear. More about the anatomy of the ear is available on this previous post: Otoplasty Reduces Prominent Ears.

Both techniques correct the shape of the outer ear. Sometimes, the entire ear needs to be rotated back. This is accomplished with internal sutures and occasionally requires removing a wedge of cartilage.

Otoplasty Anesthesia

Otoplasty - Ear Pinning Before and After Pictures

This patient complained her ears stuck out from under her long hair. After otoplasty, it is hard to see her ears from the back.

Otoplasty is performed under local or general anesthesia. Both have pros and cons, and the options are discussed at your consultation.

Otoplasty Consultations

If you are considering Cosmetic Ear Surgery in Walnut Creek, Concord or the greater San Francisco Bay Area call (925) 943-6353. My friendly staff can answer your questions and schedule for a private, in person consultation appointment. During your appointment, I will review your concerns and explain the options available for you.

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