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Breast Augmentation remains one of the most common cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. While the procedure can safely and effectively add breast volume in ways that other methods cannot, Breast Implants require maintenance from time to time. Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery is an area in which I specialize. It is not the easiest Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Procedure, but the challenge makes it one of the most rewarding.

Capsular Contracture and Breast Implant Malposition

Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery includes many different procedures. Sometimes, breast implants get encapsulated and can become hard or displaced. The medical term for this is Capsular Contracture.

Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery before and after pictures

Breast Implant Revision before and after pictures show the correction of breast implant malposition. The lower poles of the breasts were expanded, allowing the implants to drop, creating more natural tear-drop shaped breasts. (click photo for uncensored version)

Mild Capsular Contracture can be treated with massage, ultrasound and anti-inflammatories. If Capsular Contracture progresses, surgery is the best option and treatment of choice to release (capsulotomy) or remove (capsulectomy) the encapsulating scar to soften the breasts and restore a natural shape. The above is an example of superior malposition treated with capsular revision and lower pole expansion.

Breast Implant Asymmetry

Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery before and after pictures

Sometimes, capsular contracture only affects one side. The above patient was treated with revision of the right breast to restore symmetry. (click photo for uncensored version)

Breast Implant Asymmetry is another common reason for revision surgery. The patient above was very happy with her left breast. The shape was ideal, and it was soft and mobile. Her right breast however was higher, firmer and fixed. The asymmetry was noticeable even in clothes. Capsule modification was performed to lower the right breast mound, improving both the appearance and feel.

Breast Implant Rippling

Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery before and after pictures

Irregular tightening of the capsule can cause rippling of breast implants and unsightly folds. Breast augmentation revision surgery restored both breasts’ volume and shape, and my patient’s peace of mind. (click photo for uncensored version)

The patient above was unhappy with the irregular folding of her breast implants. This is more common with saline breast implants, but can happen with silicone breast implants also. Converting to a more highly cohesive silicone breast implant can often improve the aesthetic result. Breast implant exchange can be done in coordination with capsular modification to restore a soft, natural result. When desired, the size of the breast implants can be adjusted also.

Breast Implant Revision Consultations

When considering Breast Augmentation Revision, be certain to select an experienced and board certified plastic surgeon. In the San Francisco Bay Area call (925) 943-6353 to schedule a private consultation and learn what your options are for improvement.

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