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Breast Implant Revision Surgery has become an important part of my Walnut Creek, CA, Plastic Surgery practice. Today’s post is a case presentation of breast augmentation revision surgery for a woman who developed capsular contracture. The patient presented after a previous Breast Augmentation. She was naturally flat and two Mentor moderate profile 525 cc saline filled implants accounted for the majority of her breast mound. She had developed firmness in her right breast after a flu-like illness and the right breast became progressively smaller, higher, and firmer, but was not painful (Baker’s class III*). She was primarily concerned about restoring her symmetry; as is often the case however, she also desired a little more volume.

Capsular Contracture Revision

Before and after pictures of breast augmentation revision for capsular contracture of right breast. Both implants were also replaced with larger breast implants.

The picture on the left shows the breasts before surgery. The right breast mound with capsular contracture is tight, high, laterally displaced when compared with the right breast mound. Her right nipple is also lower.

An open capsulotomy was performed on the right breast for capsular contracture. Utilizing the previous periareolar incisions, the right capsular contracture was released and both implants were exchanged for Allergan Natrelle style-15 752 cc silicone gel implants. The right implant was lowered to a more symmetrical position. This and the capsular release allowed some upward migration of the nipple without having to do a lift and without adding any new scars.

San Francisco breast augmentation patients who are dissatisfied with their appearance due to capsular contracture will want to consider breast augmentation revision surgery. It can be performed on an outpatient basis and recovery is often simpler than the origin breast augmentation. Capsular contracture can recur after revision surgery, but the chances of this are not increased by the fact that it has happened before.

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