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The Asian Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is modified, because the anatomy of the Asian Eyelid is different when compared to the Caucasian eyelid. The Asian eyelid does not have the dense attachments that cause the single dominant fold seen in the Caucasian eyelid. These attachments also block the eyelid fat from dropping down inside the eyelid.

Without these “Caucasian” attachments, the skin fold of the Asian eyelid is less defined. There may be a dominant fold, but more commonly there are multiple incomplete folds. Alongside the nose an epicanthal fold of skin can cover the inner corner of the eye. There tends to be more fat in the Asian upper eyelid, as the lack of dense attachments allows gravity to bring the fat pads down lower in the lid.

Asian Eyelids

Before upper blepharoplasty the upper eyelid skin is resting on the eyelashes.

Before Upper Blepharoplasty: The upper eyelid skin is resting on the eyelashes.

One year after upper blepharoplasty the fold above the eye remains smooth and discrete.

After Upper Blepharoplasty: The fold above the eye remains smooth and discrete.

Before surgery, she has an indistinct eyelid fold. This allows the skin to migrate downwards and rest on her eyelashes, giving her a heavy sensation. As is often seen in people with heavy upper lids, she is unconsciously raising her eyebrows to unload her upper eyelids. After surgery, a smooth fold is formed. Even with her eyebrows relaxed, now one year after surgery in this picture, the skin is still off the eyelashes. Since the brow relaxes, the transverse lines on the forehead also decrease.

Sometimes the goal is to form a higher upper eyelid fold (a rounder eye opening), sometimes it isn’t. It is an individual decision. Whatever your goal, you will want to be clear about your desired result, as different techniques are required.

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