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The Arm Lift removes excess skin from the arms. Also known as Brachioplasty, it is particularly useful after massive weight loss. With weight loss, the bulk of the arm shrinks, but the skin remains loose. Hanging skin serves as an unwelcome reminder of the weight and often makes it difficult to find clothing that fits.

Arm Lift Before and After

Brachioplasty is an outpatient procedure which removes the excess skin from the elbow and the armpit. The results are seen below. The loose skin that remained on this patient’s arms after weight loss continued to be a problem in and out of clothing. After her arm lift, the arm skin is smooth and tight.

Arm Lift Before and After Photos Brachioplasty

Brachioplasty means arm changing. For the patient above, it was life changing. She had worked hard to lose the fat, and her arm lift removed the extra skin to give her thin arms that fit well in her sleeves.

Brachioplasty Before and After

The arm lift can be extended around the armpit when the arm skin has been stretched by weight gain. In the following Arm Lift Before and After Photos, the upper arm skin ends lower on her side rather than her armpit. Correcting the arm skin laxity also meant extending the incision down the side to remove the excess skin and reconstruct the axilla.

Arm Lift Before and After Photos Brachioplasty

Even when fat remains on the upper arm, an arm lift removes it along with the extra skin.

Loose Arm Skin Removal

The next example shows skin laxity extending across the elbow. It is not common, but when this happens the incision is extended past the elbow to remove the excess. If not, the excess skin makes the forearms appear overly large, like the old cartoon character Popeye. The after picture shows a smooth arm contour, from elbow to armpit.

Arm Lift Before and After Photos Brachioplasty

The Arm Lift or Brachioplasty removes the loose skin of the upper arms often seen after weight loss.

Extended Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)

The Arm Lift before pictures below show an arm with loose skin and a collection of additional skin at the bra line. The Brachioplasty incision was extended further down the side to reconstruct the axilla and remove the excess lateral chest skin. The after picture shows the restored natural arm, axilla, lateral chest contours.

Arm Lift Before and After Photos Brachioplasty

This arm lift removed extra skin from her arms and sides. For this extended brachioplasty the incision was continued down the side to remove the excess skin above the bra.

Large Arm Skin Excess – No Problem

Even large amounts of skin on small arms is no problem for the well planned Brachioplasty. The next patient had a very thin frame, but the drapery of skin hanging off her arms kept it hidden. With the excess skin removed, her thin, muscular arm contours are revealed.

Arm Lift Before and After Photos Brachioplasty

This patient had thin arms but they were disguised by a large amount of extra skin. Brachioplasty was used to remove the excess and firm up the arm skin.

Post Bariatric Arm Lift Consultations

Bariatric Surgery is surgery designed to cause weight loss. When successful, the result may include loose skin of the face and body. The tailoring of this skin is performed by plastic surgeons and is called Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery.

If you are considering Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery, you want to select a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Members of the American Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgeons, like myself, are plastic surgeons with an added interest in skin reduction after massive weight loss.

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