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Thigh Lift Surgery is frequently performed after weight loss, especially after massive weight loss, as is seen after bariatric surgery. When loose skin folds upon itself, there are really no other treatment options. Thigh lifts alleviate the discomfort and challenges associated with extra skin in the thigh area.

Thighplasty for Loose Skin

Thigh Lift after massive weight loss before and after pictures

Thigh Lifts contour the skin excess that remains after massive weight loss. These thigh lift before and after pictures show removal of the upper thigh skin folds with a horizontal upper thigh lift. This patient also had a tummy tuck to remove the apron of abdominal skin left after losing weight.

The Thigh Lift Before and After Photos above show a young woman who had lost a significant amount of weight. She remained unhappy with her body due to the loose skin which hung from her abdomen and thighs. Despite her weight loss, both areas remained difficult to fit into clothing. The excess skin was a constant source of discomfort. Moisture trapped in the skin folds caused chronic irritation which led to recurrent infections.

The patient above underwent a combined surgical procedure which included Abdominoplasty and Thigh Lift. Surgery was performed in an accredited surgery center with an overnight stay for her safety and comfort.

The outcome of the surgery is a happy patient who can now enjoy physical activity without the discomfort and distress caused by her thighs and belly. Her clothes fit better, and her abdomen and thighs now match the rest of her body. More examples can be viewed in the following Thigh Lift Video.

Thigh Lift Video Presentation

Today’s Thigh Lift Video Presentation is from my KRON 4 television show, Body Beautiful. In this video, I review the two main approaches to Thigh Lifts and who is a good candidate for thighplasty. Thighplasty Before and After Pictures are narrated to show the results achieved with actual patients from our Walnut Creek Plastic Surgery Center.

Thigh Lift With Horizontal Vs. Vertical Incision

Thigh Lift Before and After Pictures with Horizontal Groin Incision

The above Thigh Lift Before and After Pictures show what is possible using the horizontal incision running from the groin to the fold beneath the buttocks.

The two main approaches to thigh lifts are the horizontal and vertical lifts. The groin incision approach, shown above, uses an incision that wraps around the top of the inner thigh from groin to the fold under the buttock. This allows for direct removal of the upper thigh skinfold and vertical lifting of the skin. Since the incision is placed at the top of the thigh, lifting at the knee is not usually possible. The advantage of this approach is that the scar is discrete.

The vertical incision approach horizontally tightens the skin by removing skin from the inner thigh from top to bottom. Because of its placement, the scar is more noticeable; however, this position also allows for better tightening of the mid to lower thigh. Both Thigh Lift approaches provide marked improvement to the upper thigh and thigh gap areas.

Thigh Lift Before and After Pictures with Vertical Medial Thigh Incision

The above Thigh Lift Before and After Pictures show what is possible using a vertical medial thigh incision. The scar is more obvious in this position; however, it provides enhanced tightening of the mid to lower thigh.

Thigh Lift Consultations

Thigh Lifts are not the most common cosmetic plastic surgery. They are one of the more common post-bariatric plastic surgeries; however, they are not performed as often as tummy tucks, breast lifts, breast implants or even arm lifts. Thigh lifts also have higher complication rates when compared to other skin tightening surgeries.

If you are considering a Thigh Lift, be certain to consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with experience with both thigh lift procedures. As a member of the American Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgeons, I have a particular interest in plastic surgery after weight loss and post bariatric skin tightening surgery. In the San Francisco Bay Area call (925) 943-6353 to schedule a private consultation appointment.

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