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Thigh Lifts are a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure which removes excess skin from the inner thigh. Thighplasty is used primarily after weight loss, because massive weight loss causes massive thigh skin excess and laxity.

The Vertical Thigh Lift

There are two different approaches to the Thigh Lift. One uses a vertical incision that runs along the inner thigh from the pubic bone down to the inner knee. While this scar is more obvious than the alternative, this approach tightens the inner knee skin more effectively.

Thigh Lift after Weight Loss (Post-Bariatric Thighplasty) before and after photos

The vertical thigh lift tightens the skin of the inner thighs from the groin to the knees.

The patient above had a Thigh Lift using the vertical inner thigh skin excision. In this case the Vertical Scar Lift leaves an incision running along the inner thigh from the upper thigh to the knee. This approach allows for the removal of maximal thigh skin from the groin to the knees while also providing superior tightening of the skin above the knees.

The Horizontal Thigh Lift

The other approach to the Thigh Lift utilizes an excision wrapped around the top of the thigh. The incision starts in the groin crease, continues along the upper aspect of the inner thigh and ends in the fold under the buttock. This provides a scar that is much easier to hide, and allows for the effective removal of upper thigh rolls and skin excess.

Thigh Lift after Weight Loss (Post-Bariatric Thighplasty) before and after photos

The thigh lift before and after pictures above was combined with an abdominoplasty revision to tighten both the thighs and abdomen and to lower the previous abdominoplasty scar.

The above patient had a Horizontal Thigh Lift, with the incision placed along the upper thigh. The excess skin of the upper thigh was easily removed and the result is smoother thighs and less thigh skin rubbing.

In addition, she still had some skin excess and a high scar from a previous abdominoplasty. The abdominoplasty was revised to complete the skin tightening and lower her previous scar.

Thigh Lifts with Heavy Thighs

Thigh Lifts remove loose thigh skin. The incisions can be seen in the following example in the groins. Very heavy thigh skin presents an additional hurdle, because while the excess skin is removed, the remaining thigh skin is still thick, heavy and irregular in contour. It lacks sufficient elasticity to remain smooth.

Thigh Lift after Weight Loss (Post-Bariatric Thighplasty) before and after photos

The thigh lift tightens the skin of the inner thighs. The relatively new scar is seen at the top of the thighs.

After her Thigh Lift, the above patient had less rotation of the excess thigh skin, providing her with both cosmetic and functional improvement. Her thighs felt lighter and exercise was more comfortable.

Thigh Lifts and Thigh Gaps

Since Thigh Lifts remove excess skin and fat from the upper thigh, they can provide an improvement in the Thigh Gap. This patient complained of an inability to wear pants comfortably due to the girth of her thighs. However, she also complained about her thighs rubbing when she wore a skirt or dress.

Thigh Lift after Weight Loss (Post-Bariatric Thighplasty) before and after photos

The upper thigh lift uses an incision along the top of the inner thighs and can effectively smooth the medial thighs by removing the excess skin.

After her Thighplasty, this patient could comfortably wear pants, as the diameter of her thighs was reduced. In addition, her thighs no longer rub together or sweat from constant contact. Overall, she was very happy with her results both in appearance and comfort.

Thigh Lift Consultations

Thigh Lifts are one of the more common post-bariatric plastic surgeries; however, they are not performed as often as tummy tucks, breast lifts, breast augmentation or even arm lifts. So if you are looking for a Thigh Lift, be certain to find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with experience with both thigh lift techniques.

As a member of the American Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgeons, I have a particular interest in plastic surgery after weight loss and post bariatric skin tightening surgery. In the San Francisco Bay Area call (925) 943-6353 to schedule a private consultation appointment.

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