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Ears come in all shapes and sizes. When the ears are too big, too prominent or have an unusual shape, Otoplasty can create a more aesthetic appearance. One common variation of Otoplasty is Ear Pinning. The procedure brings the ears closer to the head, which allows patients to feel both comfortable and confident, no matter how they wear their hair.

Otoplasty Before and After Pictures

Otoplasty before and after pictures - ear pinning cosmetic ear surgery for prominent ears (man)

Otoplasty is used to pin back ears that stick out too much. The procedure creates aesthetic ears with the appropriate amount of prominence.

The above Otoplasty Before and After Pictures reveal what cosmetic ear surgery can accomplish. Ears that stick out can be pinned back to make them less obtrusive. The Cosmetic Ear Surgery Video below includes more examples.

Otoplasty Video Presentation

This Otoplasty Video segment, taken from the San Francisco Bay Area’s News Station, KRON 4, features Board Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Joseph Mele, discussing cosmetic ear surgery, and narrating before and after pictures of his many Otoplasty cases.

Otoplasty Video Presentation

The Correction of Cupped (Lop) Ears

Otoplasty before and after pictures - cosmetic ear surgery for the correction of cupped (lop) ears (man)

Sometimes the skin on the top of the ear is too tight causing cupping or lope ears. Cosmetic ear surgery reduces the cupping and improves the ears’ appearance.

Lop Ears are ears which are cupped. The top curls down and often out giving the deformity its unique shape. For many patients, cosmetic ear surgery can improve the appearance of cupped ears. Stahls ears (Spock Ears) can also be corrected with these techniques.

Otoplasty Consultations

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