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Newsweek Magazine has ranked America’s Top Surgery Centers for 2021, and Premier Surgery in Concord is ranked the Best in Contra Costa County. In fact, the center is ranked 5th in the Bay Area and 27th in the state among the select 750 California Surgery Centers considered. The only other surgery center in Contra Costa County to make the list is Aspen Surgery Center in Walnut Creek ranked 52nd in the state. I am happy to say, these are the two surgery centers that I use, and it is good to see that independent reviewers concur with the quality of both these centers.

Premier Surgery Center - Concord, CA

Premier Surgery Center – The Best Surgery Center in Contra Costa County

Where Does Your Doctor Operate?

This brings up an important point. Most patients are aware of the importance of a great Plastic Surgeon, but the quality of the facility they use is also important.

How Is Surgery Center Quality Measured?

The most important minimum measure of a hospital or a surgery center is that it is accredited. As a member of the ASAPS and ASPS, I am required to operate only in accredited facilities. Accreditation means the facility is periodically inspected for quality and safety by an independent organization. It’s the accrediting organization’s job to verify that the center is run following the current safety guidelines.

There are several Accreditation Organizations.

It is important to know that the facility in which you are having surgery is accredited. Whether it is a hospital, surgery center or doctor’s office, if sedation or anesthesia is utilized, the facility should be properly accredited for your safety.

Newsweek’s Rankings

Newsweek’s experts and survey-participants assessed quality of care, performance data and peer recommendations relative to in-state competition. They also took into account how well facilities were responding to the threat of COVID-19.

Congratulations to both Premier Surgery Center and Aspen Surgery Center for their well earned recognition. I am thankful that I can operate at these prestigious facilities right in our neighborhood.

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