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Heidi Montag doesn’t need my approval, and that is not why I am writing this weeks post. Heidi’s decision to have More Plastic Surgery is between her and her Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Heidi Montage as she appeared in January 25, 2010, issue of People Magazine

Heidi Montage as she appeared in January 25, 2010 issue of People Magazine

Ten Procedures in One Operation

Four years ago, Heidi underwent ten plastic surgery procedures in one day. I am supportive of combining procedures to combine recovery periods, as long as they can be performed safely and predictably. Some of Heidi’s procedures were not major, but I would have a thoughtful discussion before proceeding with any patient considering so many changes at once. Heidi’s motivation seemed to be in response to her competitive occupation.

Heidi’s Plastic Surgery Laundry List

Topping the list was an “Entertainer Sized” Breast Augmentation, but here is the full list of the three Body Shaping Procedures and seven Facial Plastic Surgery procedures she had performed:

She’s Back … But You Knew She Would Be

So, I was a little concerned when ET and Fox News announced last night: Heidi Montag Gets More Plastic Surgery. And after reading the article, I was more than a little supportive of her decision.

Breast Reduction for Neck Pain

As is turns out, Heidi had Breast Augmentation Revision to downside to a D-cup from her previous extra large size. The surgery was not performed just to make her more proportionate, but to relieve the neck and back pain that many Breast Reduction patients complain about. This is also something I discuss with all women considering larger Breast Implants.

Heidi Montag Before her Extra Large Breast Augmentation.

Heidi Montag Before her Extra Large Breast Augmentation.

Thank You Heidi Montag

I end this post with a short Thank You to Heidi Montag for sharing her story. Disproportionate Breast Implants do not always lead to problems, but they are more likely to cause complications than Breast Implants that are selected to be more proportionate to a woman’s frame. It takes a lot of courage to share this type of story with the public. It will help other women, with similar problems find a solution. Hopefully, Heidi’s story will help other young women to avoid this problem altogether.

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