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Massive weight loss requires massive skin tightening as is demonstrated in today’s San Francisco Plastic Surgery Blog. Today’s topic is beyond Gynecomastia Reduction. We are discussing Massive Male Breast Reduction as is performed after weight loss.

Massive Gynecomastia Reduction

Sometimes Gynecomastia is persistent. Even after weight loss, this patient is left with a substantial amount of breast tissue. This surgery is similar to Top Work, performed for transgender men. The goals are to remove the excess breast tissue, tighten the skin, reduce the areolae and raise (and lateralize) the nipples.

Massive Male Breast Reduction after weight loss.

Massive male breast reduction after weight loss. In this case, a large amount of gynecomastia remains in the breasts before surgery. The reduction removed the excess tissue and a large amount of skin, too.

On the side view of the above male Post Bariatric Breast Reduction Before and After Pictures, the overhang and projection of the breasts is reduced. The nipple and areolae have also been elevated and modified to masculinize this patient’s chest.

Massive Chest Skin Reduction

In the next case, there is no Gynecomastia. Instead this patient was left with empty sacks of stretched out skin and distorted areolae. The volume of residual skin was easily noticeable through a shirt, and flopped with physical activity. My patient’s wish was for a tight, flat, masculine chest that did not move independently of his chest.

Massive Male Breast Reduction after weight loss.

Another massive male breast reduction after weight loss. In this case, the breasts’ fullness diminished with weight loss. The surgery completed the transformation by removing the excess skin, reducing the areolae and repositioning nipples.

The Male Breast Reduction Before and After Pictures above show a reduction of excess skin and masculinization of the chest. The skin hung to the lower ribs before surgery. After surgery the chest skin ends and the bottom of the pectoralis major muscle, a more anatomic and attractive position.

Massive Chest Skin Reduction With Lateral Extension

The above patient has excess skin extending not only downward, but also under the arms. In addition, his nipples are inverted. The extra skin is uncomfortable with exercise and hard to disguise in clothing. The patient has lost a large amount of weight, but is not feeling more attractive due to the appearance of his chest.

Massive Male Breast Reduction after weight loss.

The final massive male breast reduction after weight loss. In this case, all the volume of the breast was lost, but the skin extends downward to sides of the breasts. The surgery was modified to remove the excess skin and again the nipples were removed, reduced and replaced higher as skin grafts.

After surgery, the excess skin is tailored to his chest. The incision was extended around the sides to remove excess skin from beneath the arms. This incision can be extended around the back as a “bra-line” back lift, when there is loose skin on the upper back.

Post Bariatric Breast Reduction Consultations

If you have successfully lost weight but are still unhappy with the size or shape of your breasts, call (925) 943-6353 and schedule a private consultation appointment in our Walnut Creek Plastic Surgery Center. Breast Enhancement surgery is common for men and women who have lost large amounts of weight, whether from Bariatric Surgery or Diet and Exercise. An experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can offer many choices for optimizing your weight loss results.

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