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Gynecomastia is the medical term for man boobs. Often shortened to “moobs”, the development of breast tissue occurs in about 2/3rds of all adolescent males. Unfortunately, it persists into adulthood in about 1/3rd of all men. It can be a source of embarrassment, and a reason many men are uncomfortable removing their shirts, and prevents many more from wearing fitted shirts in public. Loose shirts with dark patterns are the rule for most men suffering with gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia Reduction

Gynecomastia Reduction, also called Male Breast Reduction, is a surgical procedure that removes excess breast tissue in men. There are many methods of breast reduction, and the best method for you is determined during an in person consultation with a qualified and experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Gynecomastia Reduction Before and After Pictures (Male Breast Reduction)

Liposuction is often used to assist male breast reduction. A small incision is made in the axilla, which allows the fat to be removed.

My patient above was concerned with the size of his breasts, and with the fact that his left breast was substantially larger than the right. The difference was big enough that it was noticeable through his shirt. His breast volume was equal parts fat and glandular tissue, so a combination of Liposuction and Gynecomastia Reduction was used to achieve the above results.

Additional Liposuction With Gynecomastia Reduction

Sometimes it is more than Gynecomastia that brings patients to our Plastic Surgery Clinic. The next patient wanted Male Breast Reduction but was also concerned with the appearance of his abdomen. He worked out frequently, maintained his weight, but was still bothered by stubborn, disproportionate fat on his chest and lower abdomen.

Gynecomastia Reduction Before and After Pictures (Male Breast Reduction)

Liposuction was used to contour both the chest and the abdomen. Gynecomastia reduction also required directly excising the tough glandular tissue via small incisions placed under the areolae.

Liposuction was used to reduce the above patient’s Gynecomastia and also his stubborn abdominal wall fat. Notice the smoothing of both his chest and belly. It is very easy to add Liposuction of the abdomen, flanks and back, as is shown in the next patient’s before and after photos, to improve overall upper body contours.

Male Breast Reduction With Love Handle Reduction

Sometimes, disproportionate fat is distributed into several anatomic areas. The following patient had Gynecomastia with disproportionate fat of both his chest and his lower back love handles, also called a “muffin top.” Both areas were treated during the same operation, and the results are shown below:

Gynecomastia Reduction Before and After Pictures (Male Breast Reduction)

Gynecomastia Reduction – A large amount of fat and tough glandular tissue was removed via small incisions in the armpits and around the lower areolae border.

Gynecomastia Reduction was performed via axillary incisions for the Liposuction and periareolar incisions for the tough glandular tissue that was responsible for the majority of his breast enlargement. Both locations allow for excellent healing and discreet scars.

Liposuction of the Back Before and After Pictures (Male Love Handle  Reduction)

During his Male Breast Reduction Surgery, fat was also removed from the love handles. The result an improved physique and a happy, more confident patient.

Liposuction was used to liposculpture the patient’s lower back and remove his “love handles.” The procedure added about an hour to his surgery, and didn’t prolong his recovery period. A compression vest was used for the male breast reduction and an abdominal binder kept his lower back smooth. Both garments reduce swelling and speed recovery.

Gynecomastia and Liposuction Consultations

If you are unhappy with the size or shape of your breasts, call (925) 943-6353 and schedule a private consultation appointment in our Walnut Creek Plastic Surgery Center. Breast Reduction surgery is very common for men. Liposuction can be added to reduce other areas of disproportionate fat at the same time. An experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can offer many choices for optimizing your results.

More information is available on my other websites via the links above. Information is also available in Spanish here: Ginecomastia.

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