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Facial Augmentation encompasses everything from Dermal Fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane and Radiesse, to chin, cheek and nasal implants. Facial Fillers and Facial Implants are used to replace lost volume, restore facial support and to create more pleasing facial proportions. Facial Fillers are a great way to try out your new Facial Enhancement; however, fillers require periodic maintenance, while Facial Implants can provide long lasting correction.

Facial Augmentation: Chin, Cheek and Nasal Implants

Facial Augmentation is used to provide harmony between the different features of the face. The size of any single facial feature is not as important as its proportion to the rest of the face. For example, a small chin will make the nose look larger, while a large chin will make the nose look smaller. Facial Plastic Surgeons use this to our advantage when we evaluate a face. It helps guide us to the safest, most predictable and thus best methods for enhancing your face.

Facial Implants

There are many types of Facial Implants. The most common facial implants are chin implants, cheek implants and nasal implants. Like us, they come in many shapes and sizes. This allows Board Certified Plastic Surgeons to select the implant that is most harmonious with your face.

Facial Enhancement with Chin, Cheek and Nasal Implants

I had the opportunity to discuss Facial Augmentation on KRON 4’s Body Beautiful recently. The video from this television show focuses on Facial enhancement with chin implants, cheek implants and nasal implants. The procedures, recovery and outcomes are discussed, and before and after pictures are revealed.

Facial Augmentation Video Featuring Facial Implants

Facial Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the most frequently asked questions about Facial Implants are answered in the Facial Augmentation Video above. Some of the topics discussed include:

Facial Implants Before and After Pictures

Before and After Pictures of the most frequently used implants for Facial Enhancement are also included:

Before and After Chin Implant Pictures

Chin implant videos presentation with chin augmentation before and after pictures.

Chin implants balance the facial profile.

Chin Implants enhance the chin and shrink the appearance of the nose.

Before and After Malar Implant Pictures

Cheek implant videos presentation with cheek augmentation before and after pictures.

Cheek implants restore youthful proportions and support the lower eyelid.

Cheek Implants to enhance the cheeks and support the lower eyelids.

Before and After Nasal Implants Pictures

Nose implant videos presentation with nasal augmentation before and after pictures.

Nasal implants add volume to the nasal dorsum.

Nose Implants for enhancing a nose that is flat between the eyes.

Chin, Cheek and Nasal Implants

If you are seeking more information about Chin, Cheek and Nasal Enhancement, call (925) 943-6353, or contact me through the form in the side column. While the Internet can provide good general information, only an in-person consultation with a well trained and experienced Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon can get you the details required to make an informed decision. I frequently use Computer Imaging to help me understand what you are looking for, and to explain what can be expected. This makes Plastic Surgery, personal surgery.

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