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Every now and then I am reminded what is great about being a doctor. I came across a posting on the Internet entitled: This letter from my late mother’s doctor has changed my life. It’s short and sweet and reminds me how big an impact one person can have on another.

The redacted version is included here, and a copy of the letter is included at the end of this post. It says a lot in a few words:

These short paragraphs say it all. Taking care of patients, even in the waining hours of health and life, is a great responsibility and privilege. To be a doctor, is a choice I made early in life that I have never regretted. I can hear the cynics out there saying, “You’re a Plastic Surgeon, not a real doctor.” Heck, I’ve heard some of my colleges make the same comment, but that’s not how I feel about it. I do specialize in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, but “Do no harm” means knowing a lot more than how to do liposuction. I do also practice Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, and I don’t always get to give good news.

My thanks goes out to the gentleman who publicly shared this handwritten note from his mother’s ER doctor, as well as the doctor for so simply and legibly, expressing the impact that patients can have on their doctors, even if it’s just one visit. Last, but not least, thank you to my pateints for your trust and kindness.

Here is a copy of the original letter:

Excellent Medicine

Excellent Medicine – A thoughtful letter from an ER doctor to a grieving family.

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