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Chin Augmentation can make a dramatic impact on facial balance, especially the profile view. A small chin is associated with a meek appearance and can throw off other facial proportions. A small chin can make the nose appear too large for the face, even when nasal size is appropriate.

Chin Implant Video

The most common way to enlarge the chin is with a Chin Implant. This type of Chin Augmentation provides predictable enhancement of the chin, without changing the jaw itself. The following Chin Augmentation Video is from KRON 4’s Body Beautiful. In this segment, I review Chin Implants and provide several examples including Chin Augmentation Before and After Pictures.

Chin Augmentation Video Segment – As Seen On KRON 4 TV

How to Make Your Chin Larger

There are several ways to enlarge the chin and enhance the facial profile. The simplest is with a Chin Implant. A small incision is made under the chin or in the mouth. A precise pocket is created to hold the Chin Implant. Sizers can be used to confirm the appropriate amount of Chin Augmentation, though the size is usually determined during your consultation. The Chin Implant is then opened, washed with antibiotics and carefully placed into the pocket. The incision is closed with absorbable sutures, and you are able to go home the same day.

Types of Chin Implants

Chin Implants come in different sizes, so the amount of chin augmentation can be varied. Chin implants come in different shapes. Some are wider, so that the width of the chin can be increased. Some are taller, so the height of the chin can be adjusted. Some are thicker, so the projection of the chin can be modified. Chin implant shapes can vary from round to square, and some even have dimples. Chin implants can also be made out of different materials. The most commonly used materials are solid silicone and porous polyethylene.

Silicone Chin Implants

Silicone chin implants are smooth, flexible and come in many shapes and sizes.

Silicone chin implants are smooth, flexible and come in many shapes and sizes.

Silicone Chin Implants are soft, solid and smooth, with the consistency of rubber. Silicone chin implants do not attach to the surrounding soft tissue of the chin. This means they are slightly more likely to shift, bend or buckle. However, there is an advantage to a soft implant that slides easily. Silicone Chin Implants can be introduced through a smaller incision, and can be easily slid out if removal desired. Silicone chin implants are also associated with a slightly higher incidence of bone resorption.

Polyethylene Chin Implants

Polyethylene chin implants are porous, firm and often come as two interlocking pieces to help reduce the size of the incision.

Polyethylene chin implants are porous, firm and often come as two interlocking pieces to help reduce the size of the incision.

Polyethylene Chin Implants are hard, porous and more firm than Silicone Chin Implants. They stick to the surrounding tissue, helping to hold them in place. These implants are not flexible, and are often manufactured in two pieces, which are locked together once in place. Two pieces allow for a smaller incision for insertion, but in general, polyethylene chin implants require larger incisions than silicone chin implants. Since they incorporate into the surrounding soft tissues, they are also harder to remove.

Chin Augmentation Recovery

Like most surgery, the chin is sore for a few days after surgery. Though chewing should not cause the Chin Implant to move, a soft diet may be recommended for comfort. Ice is very helpful and has fewer side-effects than pain medication. It is not unusual to have some temporary numbness and weakness of the lower lip and chin. Most patients are back to their normal activities in a week or so. Your recovery may vary.

Chin Augmentation Consultations

I find Computer Imaging very helpful for determining how much Chin Augmentation is enough. A picture is taken of your face, and the size of the chin is varied. While computer imaging is not a guarantee of results, it is excellent for facilitating communication. The simulation helps me know the amount of Chin Augmentation that is comfortable for you.

If you are considering a Chin Implant or another Cosmetic Plastic Surgery procedure, give me a call at (925) 943-6353. My staff will schedule a convenient consultation appointment, which is the best way to learn about Chin Augmentation. A private consultation allows me to answer questions specific to your needs. Give us a call, or use the contact form in the margin to get started, today.

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