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Six Breast Augmentations are performed for every Breast Reduction; however, bigger is not always better. Large breasts can cause pain and embarrassment. The weight of the breasts can cause discomfort, especially during physical activity. Heavy breasts put strain on the back and neck, and cause chronic lower neck and upper back pain. Shoulder rutting from bra straps digging into the shoulders is another common problem. In the summer months, skin-on-skin contact below the breasts can lead to rashes, infections and even ulcerations.

Female Breast Reduction Before and Afters

Breast Reduction Before and After 1

Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty) reduces and lifts the breasts. Notice the mole in the upper inner quadrant of the breast on the right? Before breast reduction, it is well above the south pointing nipple. After reduction mammoplasty, the mole is lower on the reduced and elevated breast mound, between the now perky nipples.

Breast Reduction = Symptom Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery reduces Macromastia (large breasts) and changes how clothes fit, but it also reduces the symptoms associated with heavy breasts. Less weight means less torque on the back and neck. Less skin redundancy means fewer rashes and firmer breasts that move with you, not on their own. Proportionate breasts also make it easier to find bras and tops that fit.

Reduction Mammoplasty Before and After Pictures

Breast Reduction Before and After Pictures Side View

Breast reduction before and after pictures showing the side view. The majority of the scar is hidden in the fold under the breasts. A large amount of breast tissue and skin was removed from the lower breast. The freckles show how the skin is shaped over the breast.

Different Procedures for Different Breasts

The gold standard Breast Reduction in the United States is an “Inverted-T” or “Keyhole” method base on an “Inferior Pedicle.” But one size does not fit all. The top most example on this page was done without the vertical scar that runs down the middle of the breast, from the areola to the base of the breast. Other alternatives eliminate the horizontal scar beneath the breast, or both the vertical and horizontal scars. Scarless Breast Reduction is possible for small reductions when there is little sagging. This is done with liposuction, but liposuction alone is usually not an option for Breast Reduction.

Breast Reduction Before and After Photos

Breast reduction before and after photos. The breasts have been lifted up on the chest, tightened and reduced significantly.

Breast Reduction Consultation

If you are considering Breast Reduction, be certain to seek a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for your procedure. If know the size you would like to be, a careful history and examination will help to determine the best course of treatment. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area call Dr. Mele’s Walnut Creek Plastic Surgery office at (925) 943-6353 to schedule your personal consultation appointment today.

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