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Large breasts can be debilitating. The constant heaviness pulls the shoulders down and strains the neck and back muscles, making physical activity difficult. For women who are suffering from chronic neck, back, shoulder and breast pain, Breast Reduction Surgery may be the answer.

Symptoms Of Macromastia

Doctors have a different word for everything, even large breasts. The terms Macromastia and Gigantomastia are used to describe breasts that are disproportionately large and which can cause the following symptoms:

The Cure For Macromastia

Non-surgical interventions, like custom bras, physical therapy and weight loss, are usually the first treatments tried. In fact, many insurance companies require these before even considering authorizing a Reduction Mammoplasty. For women who truly have Gigantomastia, however, non-surgical interventions are rarely effective.

The most effective treatment remains Breast Reduction. By removing a significant amount of weight and by firming up the breasts by tightening the skin, most patients feel relief within minutes of waking up after surgery. When done for the right reasons, the results are dramatic. Multiple Reduction Mammoplasty Before and After Pictures are narrated in the following Breast Reduction Video segment.

Breast Reduction Video (Reduction Mammoplasty)

Below is a recent Body Beautiful segment dedicated to Breast Reduction surgery from the San Francisco Bay Area’s News Station, KRON 4.

Breast Reduction For Men

Usually, Male Breast Reduction involves removing a small amount of breast tissue, Gynecomastia, from beneath the nipple/areola region. Unlike female Breast Reduction, Gynecomastia Reduction rarely requires a reduction in breast skin. An example of male breast reduction with skin reduction is included in this week’s Breast Reduction Video.

Breast Reduction Consultations

The decision to have Breast Reduction is a personal one. More information about the procedure is available through the links in this San Francisco Plastic Surgery Blog post. The best information, however, is only available through an In-person Consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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