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Breast Augmentation Revision is a specialty unto itself. It includes any Breast Implant Revision for breast implant replacement, deflation or for a change in size or style. Other reasons for Breast Augmentation Revision include correction of capsular contracture and breast implant malposition like bottoming out, symmastia (uniboob), lateral displacement and double bubble. A rare Breast Implant Complication, Breast Implant Erosion, was reviewed in last week’s Body Beautiful Sneak Peek.

Breast Augmentation Revision Video

This Breast Implant Revision Video reviews some of the most common reasons for correction and shows Breast Augmentation Revision Before and After Pictures to illustrate what Breast Augmentation Revision can do.

Breast Implant Complications corrected in this video include:

Breast Implant Revision Video

Breast Augmentation Revision Consultation

Breast Implant Revision covers a wide variety of procedures. If you have had Breast Augmentation, and are considering breast revision surgery to improve your results, call (925) 943-6353, today, and schedule your private and personalized consultation.

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