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About 1% of Breast Augmentation patients elect to have Breast Implant Removal. There are varied reasons for wanting breast implants removed, but all patients worry about how their breasts will look after their breast explant surgery. Today’s article, while it cannot predict your results, shows several examples of Breast Implant removal Before and After Pictures.

Breast Implant Removal – Immediate Results

Breast Augmentation Revision Surgeries are usually less painful than the initial Breast Augmentation, and this is true for the majority of Breast Implant Removal procedures. For the simplest implant removals, even with capsulectomies, recovery is often just a few days.

Breast Implant Removal Results - One week after surgery

Breast Implant Removal Results – One week after surgery, the Steri-Strips are still in place over the incisions. The skin has begun to recoil due to removing the implants and the skin’s intrinsic elasticity. (Click to remove censoring)

The Immediate Results of Breast Implant Removal are seen above. This patient had her Breast Implants removed via IMF (inframammary fold) incisions. The reduced breast volume is obvious. Recoil of the skin is noted by the smaller areolae and elevation of the bottom of the breasts. This patient had relatively small breast implants, so her final results will be evident quickly.

Breast Implant Removal – One Month Later

Recovery after the removal of larger breast implants takes longer. Not because the procedure is more painful or complicated, but rather because the skin is more stretched and removal of a larger volume eliminates more breast tissue support.

Breast Implant Removal Results - One month after surgery

Breast Implant Removal Results – One month after surgery, the skin has recoiled and lifted her IMF. The breast tissue above and behind the nipple has not fully fluffed; however, this often improves during the months after surgery. If it does not, fat grafting may be an option, but this has its own risks and limitations. (Click to remove censoring)

The Breast Implant Removal Before and After Pictures above show the results one month after removing relatively large breast implants. The upper pole of the breast is more collapsed due to the loss of support and years of breast tissue compression caused by the implant. This tends to improve for months after breast implant removal.

Breast Implant Removal – One Year Later

After a year, the skin has contracted and the compressed breast tissue has fluffed maximally.

Breast Implant Removal Results - One year after surgery

Breast Implant Removal Results – One year after surgery the contour of her breast has improved. She has filled in behind her nipples and the breast tissue once compressed by the breast implant expands. (Click to remove censoring)

The before and after pictures above show the results one year after breast implant removal of relatively large breast implants. The skin has tightened and the breast tissue has fluffed to give very natural appearing breasts.

Breast Implant Removal Consultations

If you are considering Breast Implant Removal in the San Francisco Bay Area, call (925) 943-6353 and schedule a private consultation appointment tailored to your needs. While not required, it is extremely helpful if you have your breast implant identification card and/or the original operative report. This can help me prepare you for what to expect after surgery.

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