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Dove took some criticism for its Curves ad campaign.

Perhaps the most difficult decision in Breast Augmentation Surgery is the size. When Dove tried responding to criticism that the women seen in ads are not representative of real women, they found themselves being criticized again for selecting a broader, but still restricted, subset. It is really hard to represent all women in a single print ad or even a 60 second commercial. Women come in all shapes and sizes, and for this reason, so do Breast Implants.

Breast Implants – Size Matters

Selecting the Best Breast Implant is an important part of obtaining the optimal Breast Enhancement. And when it comes to breast implant volume, there is more to it than choosing a number. Size matters, and in more ways than you might think. The size of the existing breast, the size of the desired breast and the size of the woman, are all important. Here is one example.

Not Your Average Breast Augmentation

A young mother came to me with a desire to repair some of the damage caused by pregnancy. A big part of her concern was the almost complete loss of breast volume. She was not trying to “make a statement” with her breasts. She just wanted them back. Her clothing no longer fit, and she missed the more feminine curves she once possessed.

What Is A C-Cup?

Trying to figure out your desired breast implant volume can be very confusing. For breast size, we tend to think more along the lines of cup size rather than cc’s, and cup sizes are confusing enough. The most common breast augmentation requested is a C-cup, but C-cup volumes vary by the manufacturer and even by the style of the bra.

Internet resources claim anywhere from 100 to 250 cc’s will give an increase of one cup size. The highest volume in the range is more than double the lowest volume, yet the range is about right. Cup size depends on band size — the distance around the rib cage below the breasts. To state this in the most obvious terms, bigger girls need bigger volumes, to get similar results.

Before breast augmentation.

After breast augmentation.

What Is The Average Breast Implant Size?

The average Breast Implant size used varies by region. The average volume used in the United States is in the 300-350 cc range. My patient desired a breast size proportional to her body. She wanted to be able to find clothing that would fit without being too baggy or feeling too tight. Being of average height and desiring an average size, you might think she would require the average implant volume. If only it were that simple.

The Breast Augmentation pictured above was accomplished with Saline Breast Implants placed under the muscle via a periareolar incision. A moderate profile implant was selected so that the diameter of the implant matched the diameter of the breast. Matching the breast diameter is critical with saline implants. The correct breast implant diameter, especially for saline implants, is often more important than the implant’s volume, for a proportionate look.

The volume selected was above average at 420 cc’s. A larger breast implant was necessary because there was smaller amount of native breast volume present before surgery. Additionally, the larger volume was needed so that the implant’s diameter would match the chest. While 420 cc’s may seem large, in this case, the result is just what the patient wanted.

The result is a beautiful breast that is well shaped and well proportioned. Despite using a Round Breast Implant, the shape is natural. Placing the implant behind the muscle, for a woman with little breast tissue to disguise it, can give a round implant a pleasing teardrop shape.

Too Small, Too Big, Just Right

Most patients want breast enhancement that is big enough, but not too big. They want enough change so that they know Breast Augmentation was done, but not so much that is becomes a new source of embarrassment. After breast augmentation, you want to feel comfortable, and you want clothing to fit well.

The most common reason for Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery is to increase the size of the implants. As a breast augmentation patient, the most helpful thing you can provide your surgeon is a good idea of how much breast enlargement is enough. I have tried to offer useful suggestions in: How to Choose the Correct Breast Implants: Size.

Breast Implant Profiles – Shape Matters Too

The profile of the Breast Implant can influence the final shape and location of the breast. For implants of the same volume, the wider diameter found in lower profile implants, adds more “side boob”. On the other hand, the narrower diameter of a high profile implant, will increase the space between the breasts.

For implants of the same diameter, the lower volume in a low profile implant will result in a breast with less forward projection. The opposite effect is obtained with a high profile breast implant. A high profile implant will result in a breast with more projection, and a larger cup size. Here is some additional information about Breast Diameter and Breast Implants in Breast Augmentation.

The Advantage of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

In determining the correct volume for my patient, the advantage I have, besides being a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, is that I was able to do a physical examination, take measurements, determine skin elasticity and compare what I saw with the size, shape and volumes available for breast implants. There is no better way to determine what needs to be done for a cosmetic procedure than with a focused medical history and physical examination. My patient’s goals, combined with her measurements, determined that a larger than average volume implant was necessary in this case.

When it comes to breast size, there is no secret formula and there is no right answer, there is only the right size for you. It varies with each individual, and it is often the most difficult variable to pin down. This is the advantage of seeing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with experience in breast augmentation who cares about how you are going to look and feel afterwards. If you would like to schedule a personalized Breast Augmentation Consultation call (925) 943-6353, today.

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