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Breast Augmentation sometimes requires maintenance. Breasts change over time, especially with pregnancy and fluctuations in weight, and your breast augmentation may need an occasional touch up to maintain optimal aesthetics.

Common reasons for Breast Augmentation Revision include, changing the size of your breast implants, repositioning implants that have moved, treatment of capsular contracture and replacing implants that have broken.

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This week on the San Francisco Bay Area’s News Station’s KRON 4’s Body Beautiful I discuss Breast Augmentation Revision, Liposuction, Brazilian Buttocks Lifts and Arm Lifts (Brachioplasty). Be sure to tune in or DVR this Wednesday at noon to learn about the latest in cosmetic plastic surgery.

Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

The first Breast Implant Revision Surgery corrects two problems. Her right breast implant has developed capsular contracture raising it, and her breast tissue has fallen.

Capsular Contracture is when the normal pocket that holds the implant in place becomes tight and squeezes the implant. The result is a firm, tight and immobile breast implant that frequently ends up too high on the chest.

Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery with Capsulectomy and Breast Lift with a Breast Implant

Before, this breast implant was too high and the breast tissue was too low. After breast augmentation revision, everything is just right. (Click the image for an uncensored version.)

In the above Breast Augmentation Revision, the capsule was removed (capsulectomy) and opened inferiorly (capsulotomy) to allow the implant to drop back into its ideal position. In addition, the breast was lifted up onto the implant to form the perky breast my patient desired. The after picture reveals the improvements in contour which include:

This type of problem is called a Waterfall Deformity. The breast implant is high and the breast tissue has fallen off it like water over a waterfall. Sometimes this is seen after pregnancy, and correction can be part of a Mommy Makeover.

Breast Revision Revision Surgery

This patient had Breast Augmentation with a Breast Lift (Mastopexy Augmentation) prior to her revision. The scars were angry and purple despite adequate time to heal, and she was left with some asymmetry. Additionally, she felt her implants were too large.

Breast Augmentation Lift Revision Surgery (censored version)

Breast Augmentation revision surgery was used to revise the breast lift (and scars), decrease the size of her implants and modify the capsules to improve breast symmetry. The most important result was a happy patient. (Click the image for an uncensored version.)

Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery was used to revise the breast lift (and scars), decrease the size of her implants and modify the breast implants’ capsules to improve her breast symmetry. The improvement in the nature of the vertical limb of her scar can be seen beneath her right breast. The improvement in the overall position of the nipples is best seen in the uncensored version of the image, revealed by clicking on the image.

Breast Implant Revision for Bottoming Out

Bottoming Out can occur when Breast Implants succumb to the forces of gravity. The breast implant can slip down on the chest wall, below its ideal position and reduce the aesthetic effects of the enlarged breasts by making them more matronly.

When the breast implant slips below the breast, this is termed “bottoming out.” The result is a lower breast mound with a paradoxically higher nipple. When the implant is under the muscle, a double bubble is more common and can be seen as two distinct folds under the breast.

Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery for bottoming out (censored version)

Bottoming out is when the breast implant slips beneath the natural inframammary fold (IMF). It is also described as a “double bubble” due to the resultant double contour beneath the breast. Breast Augmentation Revision surgery can correct this problem. (Click the image for an uncensored version.)

For my patient above, Breast Implant Revision Surgery raised the implants and positioned them behind her natural breasts. There is no scar from a breast lift as the repair was performed via her original IMF incision.

The worry with these types of repairs is recurrence. In this early post-operative photo, the breast implant position is slightly over-corrected. Often slight overcorrection is performed with the knowledge that the implants have fallen before. Sometimes a mesh is used to provide additional support to the implants to decrease the risk of recurrence. Changing to smaller breast implants is sometimes recommended when they are too much for the chest wall to support.

Breast Implant Revision Surgery Consultations

Breast Implant Revision Surgery can be a complicated procedure. If you are considering Breast Augmentation revision surgery, you should seek the advice of an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. In the San Francisco Bay Area call (925) 943-6353 to schedule your private breast revision consultation with my office. The specifics of your case will be reviewed, and a plan tailored just for your needs.

If you want to see me discuss these cases and others, tune in to KRON 4’s Body Beautiful this Wednesday (June 9, 2021), at noon, and I will be posting segments from the show right here on the San Francisco Plastic Surgery Blog.

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