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Excellent Breast Enhancement is about obtaining the right size and the right shape. If your breast shape is good, more volume is all that is needed, and Breast Augmentation is usually enough to get the results you are looking for.

However, when breasts are the wrong shape, bigger is not always better. For congenital deformities like Poland’s Syndrome or Tubular Breasts, a Breast Implant alone is often not enough. A Breast Lift is added to reshape the breast mound and relocate the misplaced nipple.

Breast Augmentation With Breast Lift Video (Mastopexy Augmentation)

Below is a segment from my latest KRON 4, Body Beautiful show. Several Breast Augmentation With Breast Lift Before and After Pictures are included and narrated, to help illustrate what Breast Augmentation With Breast Lift has to offer. Examples of both the correction of the typical breast deflation with sagging (breast ptosis) typically seen after pregnancy or weight loss, as well as congenital deformities like Poland’s Syndrome or Tubular Breasts are reviewed.

The splash screen of the video above shows Mastopexy Augmentation used for a woman with tubular breasts and very low nipples. Breast Augmentation alone would give her larger breasts; however, the nipple areola complex would still be puffy and the location of the nipple would remain at the bottom of the breast. A more ideal nipple shape and location was obtained by combining the use of Breast Implants for enhanced volume with a Vertical Breast Lift for a better shape. The result is a happy patient.

Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift Consultations

If you are considering Breast Augmentation or a Breast Lift, be certain to choose an experienced and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who understands how to address your specific breast anatomy and your goals. In the San Francisco Bay Area call (925) 943-6353, to schedule a personalized and private consultation appointment.

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