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Arm Lifts have become increasingly popular with the advent of Bariatric Surgery as more and more patients seek to improve the appearance of their arms after massive weight loss.

What Can Brachioplasty Do?

Arm Lifts tighten loose arm skin and dramatically change the appearance of the arms. Arm lifts are especially helpful after massive weight loss, which often results in large amounts of excessive skin on the upper arms, after the fat has been metabolized. The excess skin is difficult to clothe and serves as a constant reminder of the patients’ former selves.

Arm Lift Before and After Pictures (Brachioplasty)

When the skin excess extends past the elbow, the Arm Lift is easily extended to remove the excess and firm up the arms.

Brachioplasty is one of the techniques used in Post-Bariatric Plastic Surgery. The procedure tightens the arms by directly removing the excess skin, tightening and tailoring the remaining skin. The results can be seen in the Arm Lift Before and After Pictures shown in this post and on my main website.

Even Muscular Arms May Need a Lift

Many of my post-weight-loss patients have worked hard to lose weight. As a result, they are very strong both mentally and physically. This patient was bothered by the loose skin that remained on her arms after weight loss.

Arm Lift Before and After Pictures (Brachioplasty)

Brachioplasty can reveal the arm’s underlying muscles. By removing the excessive, draping skin, the arm goes from flabby to well defined.

Despite her workouts to tone her arms, the excess skin continues to visually block the improvements achieved in arm strength and muscle tone. Brachioplasty removed her excess arm skin and revealed the toned arms that she worked hard to achieve. Happy patient equals a happy doctor. It is a privilege to help patients who work hard to transform their bodies and want to see and enjoy the results.

Uneven Arm Skin Can be Smoothed Out

This patient had a problem with excess skin, but the excess is disproportionate proximally (toward the armpit). This was caused by disproportionate fat accumulation with weight gain, leaving additional excess skin in the area after weight loss.

Arm Lift Before and After Pictures (Brachioplasty)

Sometimes the skin excess is not evenly distributed, but an Arm Lift smooths it all out.

Arm Lifts can tailor the skin so that it conforms to the improved arm shape. Every patient wants to know how much weight I removed, and I am happy to tell them. On the other hand, it’s not what I remove that is important, it is what I leave behind that matters most.

Excess Armpit Fullness

In the next case the disproportionate fullness is most noticeable in the armpits. This patient had the same excess on both sides. While the skin is loose all the way to the elbow, the disproportionate excess is highly suspicious for misplaced breast tissue.

Breast tissue can be found anywhere between the armpit and the groin. Since it does not shrink like fat with weight loss, the collection may not be obvious with obesity, but it can become quite defined after weight loss.

Arm Lift Before and After Pictures (Brachioplasty)

It would be tempting to try a Mini Arm Lift in this case; however, when the skin excess extends all the way to the elbow, so must the Brachioplasty.

This patient was born this way. The tissue can develop at puberty, or may not declare itself until pregnancy. When confined to the armpit in an arm with tight skin, it can be removed via a transverse incision placed in the armpit fold. When large like the above, especially with loose arm skin, the best approach is with a longitudinal arm lift incision placed along the bottom of the arm. This removes the lump and allows the arm to be raised after surgery. A wide transverse incision might leave this patient unable to raise her hand.

Arm Lift Consultations

If you are considering Brachioplasty, be certain to select an experienced and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Members of the American Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgeons, like myself, are board certified plastic surgeons with an added interest in skin reduction after massive weight loss, like Brachioplasty.

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